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I'm taking the plunge; please help me sink or swim!
[If you're looking to be published, I suggest reading "Invalid Item ]

I have decided to take the plunge and begin seeking publication in spots that pay with something other than gps (not that I dislike gps, mind you, I just can't pay the bills with 'em). To that end, I have created this appendix to plead for help from all my friends. Please let me know what I need to clean up still, if I have missed a story from my port that should be here, or if there is something listed that needs to be tossed.

Thank you ever so much!

844 words
Wolf  (ASR)
A woman endures years of her husband's lying
#778544 by Scottiegazelle

693 words
Coffee Stains  (13+)
Cold coffee is the writing on the wall
#775052 by Scottiegazelle

1154 words
Huh  (13+)
A different type of cop story
#791590 by Scottiegazelle

3235 words
 Wasting Time  (18+)
An encounter at a homeless shelter changes Carla's life forever.
#789867 by Scottiegazelle

2122 words
Whispered Secrets  (13+)
A little girl has disappeared; will her teddy bear save her?
#788451 by Scottiegazelle

1920 words
The Ballad of Mrs. Claus  (E)
Ever wonder what Mrs. Claus does during Christmas?
#786586 by Scottiegazelle

1587 words
Dew Covered Roses  (ASR)
An old man must cope with the loss of his wife
#787243 by Scottiegazelle

1042 words
 Testimony  (E)
A young woman opens her grandmother's life to something she had always known
#777840 by Scottiegazelle

1677 words
 Resistance  (E)
Two young lovers are not what they seem.
#775516 by Scottiegazelle
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