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This is a tour for a new travel agency.
The President of the United States and other World Leaders, NASA, and The Milkman have gathered the inhabitants of Writing.Com together to gather bitem links of stories and poems that they can shoot into space as a welcome to other space travelers.

Write a Travel Brochure using at least 3 item links. Tell the Other Worldy travelers about why Planet Earth is a nice place to visit.


Earthly Tours

On Ocean Currents

Seagulls glide the sky
Tilting on a single wing,
Gymnasts of the air

Shadow of Light on the Ocean

The lowering sun
Spreads shimmering spiderwebs
On the still water


Like frosting on blue
Or archways stretching nowhere
They halo the sky

(Above are all native Terran poems)

Haiku  (E)
Haikku: poems of short refection
#602297 by Santa Shaara

Where else could the painted beauty from above be yours to see,
but Earth,

the planet of spontaneous splender,
the planet of delicious danger,
the planet of welcoming wonder.

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#543343 by Not Available.

 Earth Mornings  (E)
Views of the sky at dawn
#574681 by Santa Shaara

See beaches of sand, washed clean by the tender licks of Mother Ocean. Swim in liquid water. Feel its soothing chill, (or warmth, depending on preference and location) acquainting you with the wild life found in aquatic Earth. Communicate with whales and dolphins, animals far more different than human ones.

 Siren's Call  (E)
The dolphins sang to me with their siren's call...
#596364 by Santa Shaara

Race against sharks with death-defying odds. See the rainbow of colors under the sea -- the peach corals, the jade of sea weed, the pinks and saffrons of tropical fish, the utter darkness of a thousand lighted creatures who prowl below the depths. Dance with the eight tentacled octopus or the electric snake-like eel, or for a super painful treat, tingle in the silky webs of giant squid and man-of-wars.

Whatever your heart’s desire,
you will find it in Earth liquidy scenes.

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#694630 by Not Available.

Or if a water paradise does not coat your taste buds pleasingly, climb a mountain -- snow-topped, oxygen-shy, and breathtakingly beautiful, with complete dioramic views.

Or tread a forest where entry meadows are filled with flowers of reds and whites, dark purples, multi-hues of green, and frilly with the palest buttercup yellows. Breathe in their variety of scents, smell what spring and dew can bring. Then go deep among the trees and stand abreast the bark-tough spread of trunks that reach skyward, almost cloud-high. Feel the peat beneath your feet, smell its rich, dark aroma; feel its softness under foot.

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#752460 by Not Available.

Watch the creatures who dart and scamper about you. See a long-eared bunny wagging his stumpy tail, tweaking whiskers, hopping about. Observe a deer with legs that delicately soar over tree limbs and paw the ground in sturdy threat. See the dark, brown eyes of its sweetness and touch the smooth-furry hide. Let a deer nibble from your outstretched hand and feel the warmth of breath spreading tickles across your palm.

Forest Cathedral  (E)
For the Son of Slam 3, Round 3...about the most amazing thing I ever saw.
#722642 by winklett

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#602045 by Not Available.

Or take a ride upon a stallion. Let his muscles gather and stretch between your thighs' flesh. Feel his blood-filled warmth in contact with yours. Smell his musky odor; feel the sweat that pours through his glistening hide as you gallop through the damp, cool paths of forest. Hear his neigh and the sound of his hooves upon the soft, padded ground. Know fear as he contracts his legs and body to soar over obstacles in his path. Slide off and meet the earth with stunning impact or hold on; your choice. Feel the wind in your teeth as you pound forward or land on the ground, tossed like a discarded thing from his back.

Ah, the joys will be many in your visit to the Earth. Do not feel that you must be city bound, meeting only humans, attempting to speak their tongue, play their lifestyle, copy their mannerisms. You do not need to ponder such a mystery of natures, growing head-ached from misunderstanding.

Be daring. Be different. Meet the real Earth in a cavern down below the ground where bats hang upside down.

Voyage into an erupting volcano with its sulphuric acid stench.

Tread the deserted deserts of the Sahara where death stalks innocent visitors.

Savor the beauty and the adventure.

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#577152 by Not Available.

Call us.

We will torture, enchant, or amuse.
Whatever your poison or sweet delight,
we will design your

                   ultimate trip



Housing provided.

 Alien Village  ()
A young boy decides to build a town for aliens. Can you help him with his problem?
#775705 by Santa Shaara

For a recommendation:

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#771626 by Not Available.

Call Earthly Tours.


We arrange for everything.

Your pleasure is our amusement.


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