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In rememberance of loved ones gone from our lives...
They all were there, just as I'd hoped;
The ones who'd meant so much.
Dear animals and people,
Who had my heart, so deeply touched.

I'd heard tales about the rainbow bridge,
Meeting again those we had lost.
But it was always them, not me it seemed,
Who were meant that way to cross.

Yet here I was surrounded,
Bathed in love and joy and light.
Touching those thought lost forever,
Feeling a deep sense that all was right.

A sacred peace did overwhelm me,
I sighed in contentment deep and true.
At that moment I did awaken...
"More than a dream," said my heart that knew.

Visit there when you get weary,
Journey to them when you're blue.
Cross the rainbow bridge in dreams of thought.
Those you loved will be there for you.
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