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A poem about the colors you see in April.
The sky is blue,
Horses, sheep and cows run in the green grass,
Pink and yellow flowers add to the hue.
You know winter has passed.

Easter will be early this year,
Purple robes hang on the crosses outside of
churches by the road,
reminding you Jesus can help ease your fears-
as you picture him holding a white lamb he has
taken into his fold.

Pretty brown deer run in the meadows,
Cute white spotted fawns play and run after the mother does,
Orange breasted robins sing in the trees-
as lavender flowers and honey are being visited by bees.

A little brown bunny eats food from a garden-
as rain falls from the sky.
Looking for worms is a plump red hen-
while a farmer's wife bakes a cherry pie.

The Easter Bunny will soon be here-
He will hide colored eggs of pink, green, purple, yellow, red and blue,
You will find them here and there.
Just look for the clues!

April colors can be seen all over-
from green rolling hills to the beautiful turquoise, blue waters of Lake Michigan.
A little brown squirrel enjoys some green sweet clover,
Winter is overm summer is here. It's so nice to go outside and God's beautiful colorful earth again.

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