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Introspections of a writer (or,rather,of his pen)

No, I don't have writer's block.
My pen asks me today:
"What use all this writing is?"
It does, mockingly, say:

"For the gibberish you write,
Is world a better place?
Has your story or poem
Given someone solace?

"Maybe, like a snob you think
You are a writer great.
You imagine your poems
Your readers highly rate.

"Your talks can't impress others,
Maybe that's the fact true.
Writing on paper might be
An escape route for you.

"Maybe, you think by your thoughts
This world you can inspire
And you want to leave golden
Words before you retire.

"Writer, just remember this:
Before you were others.
They wrote tomes and passed away.
But for them none bothers".

· Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format
· A related poem is: "WRITERS BLOCK: A contrast

M C Gupta
1 May, 2004
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