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What an aborted girl says to her mother!

[This is a ‘thank you’ to the mother from the female fetus aborted by her. Please read the explanation at the end.]

Mom, thanks for making me free
From bondage on this earth,
Which would have been my fate if
You had given me birth.

No mom, no, I’m not angry,
I’ve nothing against you.
Had I been in your place, I
Would have aborted too.

Yes mom, I agree with what
You had prayed to the God,
Ere going to the clinic:
“I beg pardon, O Lord.

No more can I tolerate
In-laws’ constant pressure,
To give them a son this time,
Or, punishment incur.

My mother-in-law has told
Me in definite words:
She would kill me and bring home
A new bride afterwards.

Only for this reason was
The test secretly done,
So that I find the gender
Of my dear little one.

Once I knew it was a girl,
I knew what’s best for her:
Better she be sent to you,
Than be born and wither”.

* Written in abcb 7-6-7-6 format. A related poem is "A LIFE GONE.

*Sex selective abortion of the female fetus following prenatal sex determination is a common practice in India even though such determination is banned by law [The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994].

* Desire for male child is strong in Indian families. Women who don’t bear a son are often ostracized and even killed by in-laws so that the husband might bring a new wife [and dowry] capable of bearing a son.

* ‘Wither’ refers to the social climate in Indian and other oriental societies whereby the female has to face gender related inequality, prejudice and deprivation throughout her life.

* Honourable Mention in My monthly Contest "Invalid Item hosted by tm_lvn_nurse

M C Gupta
15 September 2004

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