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Can you say Murder?
As a writer, there may come a time when you must choose a way to kill off a character or two. While most murder mysteries are a dime a dozen, why not make your murder stand out from the rest by making it memorable?

How can you make your murder memorable? Why not pick from one of these ways listed in this deadly puzzle?! We have everything from Angel Wing Mushrooms to Tiger Snakes and so much in between!

For the month of April, if you complete this word search, leave a review of 350 words or more, and make it public, you will receive one of the exclusive Deadly Merit Badges!

*Right* IF you want a chance to WIN 250,000 gift points, AND all FOUR Deadly Merit badges, then write a short story 500 - 1000 words based on one of these deadly sins. You can twist any of these to work them into just about any genre, so being creative and unique is a must.

The FOUR Deadly themed badges you can choose to incorporate into your story are
Deadly Deceptions
Deadly Sins
Deadly Success
Deadly Betrayal

*Reading* Guidelines *Reading*

*AsteriskB* Story must be between 500-1,000 words.
*AsteriskO* You must use at least TWO murder weapons listed in the word search puzzle.
*AsteriskR* Must use a 3.5 font or larger

Submit your completed static item directly to me via email at wordgeek@Writing.Com. The deadline for sending submissions is April 30th.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/wordsearches/item_id/2220097-Murderous-Intent