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1. How Do I Join?
To join, simply click on the link above that says 'Info' or go to "The WDC Angel Army to leave a message in the review box saying you're interested in becoming a part of us. You'll be added immediately and will receive a welcome letter with more information and links to guide you around our little community.

2. Who qualifies as a newbie?
The definition of newbie seems to be varied. However, anyone who has been on WDC for less than six months qualifies as a newbie.

3. Can a newbie become a member of the group?
Yes, indeed! We welcome everyone and anyone as long as you are committed to helping others around the site to the best of your abilities.

4. Once I join, what am I expected to do?
There are several things you can do upon joining. We strongly encourage you to visit these two forums "Noticing Newbies and "Writing.Com General Discussion and leave a note or to welcome new members into WDC. We also encourage you to review as much of their works as possible (including seasoned members), partake in activities that help to expand our group, recruit new members not only to our group but to WDC, and to be a positive member of the site. You do not have to do everything listed above, but a little bit of each helps a lot. *Bigsmile*

At the end of the month, members with the most points accumulated earn merit badges and gps for their efforts! However, if you do not feel comfortable giving reviews, random awards are given to members throughout the month for either being stellar examples around the site or participating in fun activities hosted in our lounge.
Please remember that all reviews must be affiliated with "The WDC Angel Army to be considered for review awards at the end of the month.

All members are required to use their Angel Army signatures whenever they review or stop by the welcome forum so their points are accounted for. Members should also stop by the "Angel Review Forum to post the reviews they have done for the day.

Bonus Notice! Did you know that each time you bring in a new member, your community recognition grows? How? Notice the number beside your handle and click on it. A pop up box shows up and at the very top, you'll see the words Referred Members. For every new member you bring to the site, you get a point added.

6. Can I submit my story for review?
Unfortunately, no. We are not a review request forum, so do not submit your stories to either forum for consideration. However, you are welcome to request a mentor - someone who would be willing to work with you personally to improve your writing skills. You can also check out such places like "Directory of Review items or "Anniversary Reviews - the latter group has dedicated reviewers who will be glad to look over your work as long as you participate. There's a chance for you to win Merit Badges for reviewing as much as possible.*Smile*

7. Can I request an upgrade?
Yes, you may. However, keep in mind that upgrades will be given when the group has enough funds to do so. We will only give out 3 Months Basic or 2 Months Upgrade. Premiums are NOT given at this time.

8. How do authors get chosen for port raids?
Authors chosen for port raids are done in a random manner. If any author catches a leader's attention, he/she will be featured for the month.

9. How do I use my Angel Army images?
First, you must have an upgraded membership to be able to use any image designed by our graphic artists. The images will be shareable, so all you have to do is copy the ID number, go to 'My Account', click on 'My Signatures', and type in {image:#######} the # sign representing the ID number.

10. Where can I check my points tally?
You can find out your points accumulated so far, by clicking on the link View Group Scoreboard at the top of this page: "The WDC Angel Army. We will try our best to keep the points as up to date as possible.

11. I'd like to make a donation. Where can I do so?
Please send all donations directly to "Angel Army Fund Bank. If you are a member of our group, please let it be known in your email message, so your points will be tallied.

12. What's The Birthday Club all about?
The Birthday Club is simply a way of recognizing each member on their special day. *Bigsmile* Members are required to submit their birthdays, (not the year!) and it will be documented in the "Angel Birthday Calendar. On that day, members will either give general messages of well-wishes in the forum, send c-notes or even shower him/her with other gifts as they deem fit. It's just our way of making our members feel a little bit special and to know that they're being thought of.

13. How do I submit my birth date?
You can choose to send it when joining the group or by emailing me iKïyå§ama-House Targaryen at your convenience.

14. Got any more questions?
Then please do not hesitate to send an email to any of the leaders or simply post your query in "The Angel Lounge. We're always ready and willing to help at any time! *Cool*

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