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You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet
is the ashes of your grandfathers. So that they will respect the
land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of
our kin. Teach your children what we have taught our children,
that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls
the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground,
they spit upon themselves.
- Native American Wisdom

*Leaf2*Earth Day Network  
*Leaf2* Win for Earth  
*Leaf2* Earth Day  
[I could list a million and one sites here, so I'd recommend doing a google search or even going to
your local library for events you can participate in *Smile*]

Mother Earth racing through space,
Orbiting the sun
Spinning on axis 1,000 miles an hour,
Gravity preserving our place
on a beautiful World.
Mother Earth.
                    - richardd

The earth, to me, is a source of inspiration. It's the fire that burns within each living
being. It's the hawk that flies wherever the wind may take him. It's the simple seedling
that becomes a great tree. Dare I ask what we would be without out Grand Mother earth?
                    - ChallieOden♥

From the depths of primal devotion comes the basic feelings of love for our sentient Mother Earth.
All things to all people, She is our beginning and our end.
This causes us to stop and take note of our place in the universe.
                    - pegasus

Earth is home in the great nowhere,
A big ball of rock in space
Unlike all others that are bare
Earth just smiles from her own face.

But all is not what once appeared
We have polluted her air
Let us be strong, and ne'er be feared
And save this, our home, with care.
                    - UKRiter

Earth's Care  (E)
Caring for the Earth, Form: Double Etheree
#1666942 by ShelleyA~13 years at WDC

 Saving The Earth  (E)
what can I do to brighten my future?
#1667350 by jaya

 Trees Scream  (E)
An old growth forest is attacked.
#1277987 by Kaya


A speeding small blue and green ball,
Orbiting through the vast expanse:

Our tiny Earth.

The miracle among a sea of stars,
God's special playground for the Kind of Man:

Our mother Earth.

She embraces flora, fauna and Man.
Yet Man does not see.

Ever since I became the grandmother of a beautiful little girl I have become even more aware of this earth's fragility.
I want for her and all children, the joy of picking dandelions for their mothers in grass that is not poisoned by chemicals.
The taste of sweet pure water quenching their thirst.
The air they breathe to be sweet and pure and unpolluted.
Can this happen? I hope and pray so. We must try for all our little loved ones.

Jottings From Journeys  (18+)
Travels, places, and roadside thoughts
#857755 by Joy

God gave Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden, and told them EXACTLY, how to use its beauty,
and look what they did. We are now the Adams and Eves, and look at what we are doing.
Plagarising their deed. GOD is very sad. He weeps torrid rains.


Earth is home
A place where I roam.
Richer am I when I stand by a tree.
There is where I feel inspiration take flight,
How wondrous the EARTH is still, I'd like to keep it like that, how about you?

The Evergreen  (E)
God gives what man destroys, then God gives...
#1149934 by BK Compton 43k review words +

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This item number is not valid.
#1155120 by Not Available.

🍂Seasons Change🍁 But Not The❤️  (E)
🍁 LAST YEAR: Poems of most inspiring season to write about — Autumn. GOING AWAY🍁
#2098794 by BK Compton 43k review words +

 a day in the rain  (E)
a poem for Earth Day
#2119339 by Rhyssa

Earth's Care  (E)
Caring for the Earth, Form: Double Etheree
#1666942 by ShelleyA~13 years at WDC

 Saving The Earth  (E)
what can I do to brighten my future?
#1667350 by jaya

Wake Up!  (13+)
The Earth needs us. It's not too late. (Form: Quatrains) An Earth Day Challenge Entry
#2119458 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

Earth, my safe haven  (E)
where I can listen to the gentle breath of earth.
#1770172 by jaya

The Bequest  (E)
Actions speak louder than words - An Earth Day celebration
#1769332 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

Cleansing Tears  (E)
If each does a little, the earth will renew. (Form: Strambatto)
#1987999 by 🌕 HuntersMoon

 We Need Green Cities  (ASR)
An Earth Day Poem about Green Technology
#1985795 by Prosperous Snow

Earth's Poem  (ASR)
If The Earth had the words, what would she say? A poem written for Earth Day.
#1986509 by Jellyfish

Sunrise  (E)
A Poetry about Sunrise.
#2237417 by GERVIC
Sunset  (E)
A piece about how beautiful the sunset is.
#2232869 by GERVIC

And although this is virtual, it's still our little 'garden' for WDC. -
We've planted a Community Garden   (E)
A beautiful Community Garden--bring a picnic or just rest a while.
#1246409 by GabriellaR45

*Note*I'd like to have a collection of short poems (no more than ten lines) or a blurb (no more than five sentences) of what the Earth means to you. Send it to my email and it will added to this page. For although Earth Day is officially celebrated on April the 22nd, remember, everyday should be a celebration of the world we live in and how we can make things better for future generations.

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