I apologize if the header of this page seems to imply that you, dear Reader/Writer, fit into the category of the young and clueless. This, of course, especially for those of us in North America, emphasizes how those that lead (read as Government) seem to regard the general public most of the time. However, we all know better, don't we?

    Here's your opportunity to voice your thoughts and opinions on whatever you wish to get off your chest. Want to vent about the rising gas prices, the war, the upcoming elections, or the natural disasters happening all over the world, and so much more I can't list here? Then by all means share with us.

      Leave a comment in the review box below and it will be posted here for all to see. My only stipulation is that you keep your comments as 'clean' as possible (as much as we have a few choice words to share *Smile*) and try to be as brief as you can.

      Now, let's talk!

*Bullet*If you want to fix the problem don't vote for a Democrat, and guess what don't vote for a Republican, both of these parties don't give a rat turd for the common, ordinary person. Their agendas are directly related to the huge lobbying partys that buy them, so unless you have billions of dollars to sink into what you want, be independent. Vote for any one not associated with the Democrats or Republicans...It is the only true way for change. - matthewhuge

*Bullet*Although the Democratic primaries are over, and Ms. Clinton has dropped out of the race, the task of uniting the party is going to be a rather difficult one. As much as she's endorsed Obama and tried to convince her supporters to go to his side, there are still many bitter party members who feel she got the short end of the stick. As naive as my hopes are, I do wish that the party would become more cohesive. Its just the sort of thing the opposing side enjoys. Oh, and what's all this about an electoral college? When is the popular vote ever going to be in play? - iKïyå§ama-House Targaryen

*Bullet*Government clearly doesn't care what the people want, hence the electorial college. They knew the people wanted Hillary and yet Obama was forced down the throats of the Democratic party. The question we should be asking ourselves is why? Is it because he's more easily controlled than Hillary would be? HIllary is nobodies fool and she's been working for and planning for the Presidency most of her life. Obama on the other hand, I can't give you even one quote he's ever made to anyone that says anything about what he stands for, can you? I don't think he's ever given one straight answer to anyone about anything. If so, I'd love someone to point it out. -reikidreamer

*Bullet*The audacity of mankind to feel superior to all other life forms on the planet, king to all, servant to none. Consider that mankind has:

    *Bullet*Waged religious wars for thousand of years.
    *Bullet*Squandered the planet's nature resources.
    *Bullet*Over populated mother Earth to the point of starvation.
    *Bullet*Fought two World Wars and countless other smaller, yet damaging conflicts.

What other life form on Earth has done such despicable things to its home? Sure mankind has accomplished many wonderful achievements for the betterment of all and should be pleased with these triumphs.

My point is simple. Mankind needs to become a little more humble and stop beating itself on its chest. Realize the planet is allowing us to live here as a short term guest. Conflict and greed are part of our nature and we can never escape them however they should not be allowed to kill us or the planet. - richardd

*Bullet*I think that individuals, standing alone are friendly, caring, always seeking to learn new things, but as a society they are hateful, narrow-minded and self-absorbed, especially rich first class countries, who feel they cannot look at themselves and stand judging everyone else ... this is soo true of the States, and the turmoil it causes. - StaiNed-House Targaryen

*Bullet*First off; gas prices. Gosh and especially since I'm commuting back and forth next year (thank goodness my college isn't far). I live in Pennsylvania and around my area gas ranges from -.15; it's expected to go up to before the end of the year. Since I am a commuter, I really wish they would make hybrid cars cheaper, especially since I am also a freshman and don't have the money to put out. But, even reading about the hybrid cars there are so many cons that I don't know if it would be worth it. No, I don't think we should give into the sheiks of the Middle East, especially with the prices; it's obvious oil is running out and America needs to accept this, especially politicians. Thanks to interest groups like GM and the other billionaires, we're still so dependent on oil when we could have been less dependent years ago. I really hope our government gets a backbone and really put an end to interest groups (well, GM realizes it now since a lot of buyers are going for the more eco-friendly car or the smaller cars). I think we really need to give the alternative energies more of a try; I think in the end it would do us the best and save us something out of pocket.

All I can say about politics is that I don't like either Obama or McCain. I don't think Clinton would have been the most qualified, but I think she has A LOT more experience than Obama and knows what she's talking about. At the end of the day, hope can't change the economy or state of affairs... we need a plan of action. McCain would just follow in Bush's footsteps and continue the mess we are already in. - Future Mrs. B

*Bullet*On Senators Obama and McCain: Though I am an Obama girl, I actually have good feelings on both of these candidates. Both are pro-environment, and I feel the Climate Security Act which got scuttled recently will be passed in either of their administrations. McCain has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle, but I feel that a President Obama is also capable of spanning the gap, as long as he doesn't waste his presidential honeymoon on divisive issues (such as gays in the military)

On gays in the military: I firmly believe in the rights of gays and lesbians to enter at least into civil unions, to be able to have their partners enjoy the same spousal privileges of heterosexuals (i.e., insurance coverage, death benefits, etc.). But, on that same note, I don't believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military. My reasoning? The military is a non-democratic institution designed to protect the rights of a democratic society. What works (and should be protected) in the latter is not necessarily beneficial for the former

On the elector college: In every election in the United States, you see stories about election fraud, vote miscounts, etc. You read stories about challenges in the polling place based on mass mailings in a precint that is dominated by the other party, with returned mail being used as the basis of a challenge to voters from that precint. You see areas like Illinois and Louisiana where particular districts have 100% plus returns, and where the voting privileges of dead voters are given equal footing to those of the living.

Having said that, I think the electoral college at least keeps such things somewhat in check (even though it wasn't originally intended to do thus). If the United States did away with the electoral college, you would see voting fraud of biblical proportions in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.

On biofuels: I like Iowa. I really do. Nothing against the state whatsoever. But it's position as the first stop in the presidential primaries of the United States must be ended. The reason? Corn ethanol. Corn ethanol takes almost as much energy to produce as it puts out. It drives up the prices of corn and other staple foods. It is not good for the environment, for the U.S.'s oil dependency, for the commodities market, for anything.

If you must have ethanol, think sugar. I've seen numbers which show sugar is up to seven times more effective than corn ethanol. Brazil has had a lot of benefits from it. You remember Brazil, don't you? They're the country whose leader is not rewriting his constitution for his own benefit, nor is he cozying up with the Presidents of Iran and other nations who don't have the U.S.'s best interests at heart. - tinytalegirl

*Bullet*'Sigh'... I've always hated politics and have never trusted politicians, but I felt it was my civic duty to vote for "the lesser of two evils." Now I find out that my little, tiny bit of the popular vote hasn't really counted all these years. About a week ago I literally tossed a coin to vote either Republican or Democrat. But now, I've pretty much decided that I'm not voting from now on. Big brother Electoral College seems to have the final say, so why bother?*Frown*-keeshlon

*Bullet*You know what bothers me the most about the cost of fuel? I can't visit my mother as often as I would like. We live in southeast Missouri and she lives 45 minutes outside of St. Louis. The high cost of gas is preventing her from seeing a grandchild and I know that hurts her. And my daughter is prevented from getting hugs from MeMaw. I know, I'm being emotional, but the high cost of filling the tank is forcing me to make painful choices. - D.L. Fields

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