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Hi! My name is Sherri Gibson, and I am the published author of five novels, several books of poetry, and several songs, although songwriting is my least favorite of the three. I'm a pacifist and a naturalist, and revere the Native Americans for their ways and beliefs. I enjoy traveling, reading, music of almost every genre, making new friends, but most of all writing. I'm an optimist whose three mottos have, and always will be, to follow your heart, reach for the stars, and capture your dreams wherever they may lead. My heart is open to anyone who wants entrance, and I always try to be as honest as I can be, and expect nothing less in return. I don't toy with others' feelings, for I don't want mine toyed with either, for I bleed just like anyone else does when hurt.

An Indiana girl, my dreams are simple. I wish for an end to warring and peace for all mankind. I revere everything God has put upon our beautiful Earth, and wish everyone felt similarly. I judge others as I expect to be judged ...honestly and for their worthiness. I am, and always will be, a follower of my heart and open-minded.

These things but make a part of all that I am. I am blessed in numerous other ways, and for that I am thankful. One of the greatest blessings in my life has to be my grandchildren. I thank God every day for them.





I am delighted to now have my own shop where my published work is available. There are currently eight titles available covering such genres as Western, Romance, Drama, Horror and even a collection of my poetry. The shop offers discounted prices and multi purchase deals. Feel free to browse and read excerpts from the available titles just by clicking on an image of the book.



A Doorway To Hearts

A Doorway to Hearts is a saga of a brotherly bond between an Oglala Warrior, Blazing Star, and a white United States cavalryman, Trent Walker. The story sweeps us back to their first meeting on the Missouri riverbank to the battles of Rosebud and Little Bighorn, along with their loves and numerous trials and tribulations in the endeavor to attain a peace between their races. Many obstacles are hurled their way in their quest for that dream, and with hatred and extreme prejudice a constant battle for them, the two comrades are driven apart and their dream of unity is seemingly lost. They find that opening a doorway to hearts is nearly an impossibility and their dream more difficult to obtain than anticipated. Where following their hearts will lead who knows, but it most assuredly won't be an easy path to follow!


Chasing Dreams

Blazing Star made a grave error in judgment when crossing Martin Winslow and sweeping his illegitimate son Steven away from the cruel rancher. Vengeance in mind, Martin vowed to make the mighty Oglala pay for that offense through the loss of a son. Sending his cohorts to abduct either of the renowned warrior's sons in an endeavor to exact revenge Blazing Star would never forget, the incensed rancher was determined to break the youth captured to the brink of insanity! No one crossed a Winslow without paying an exorbitant price, and Blazing Star's son would be no exception! The second of a three part trilogy to A Doorway to Hearts, the renowned Lakota and his loved ones discover that dream is not to be easily attained. Deranged? That wasn't the word for Martin Winslow and his son Taylor!


Two Worlds Apart

Separated by tragedy, eight-year old Brandon and his twin sister Katrina are thrust into two different worlds of mystery and other adventures. Their one desire is to be reunited and to find security again. They're forced into leading lives alien to them, and subjected to numerous life-threatening ordeals as they strive to adjust to the changes. Adversaries Stalking Wolf and Brown-like-the-Bear have reasons of their own in seeing that the twins are made to see things their way. One warrior gentle-natured and the other cruel and demanding, Brandon and Katrina wonder if they'll always live Two Worlds Apart and find the happiness wanted.


Two Worlds Apart - The Saga Continues

Separated at the tender age of eight, Brandon and Katrina Harris were whisked away from one another to live in two different worlds in the first book of the series. Reared by Native Americans, the twins are forced to live lives unaccustomed to them. As if this was not difficult enough for them, matters become more extreme now that they have grown into young adults. Faced with prejudice, new friends and allies, superstition, and more adventures, Brandon and his sister's dream of uniting seems impossible. The question remains. Are they destined to live Two Worlds Apart forever?


Surrender To Fear

Surrender to Fear is a compilation of horror stories that will sweep a reader into a world of darkness. Follow Landon and his friends to Death Valley in an attempt to free themselves from demons. Next, find out if a mother's suspicion that something isn't normal about the twins she's carrying. Is it all in her mind? The third story finds a group of teenagers fighting for their life in a game where the winner takes all. Hold on to your seats, and don't turn off the lights! You never know what lies in the shadows.


A Spinning World

A Spinning World is a compilation of poems with varying emotions. From heartache to a world of fantasy, a reader will find both tears and joy on every page. Whether you enjoy poems of love, heartbreak, war, holidays, fantasy, erotica, or inspiration, they will be found in this book.


Tales Of Terror

Tales of Terror is a compilation of tales guaranteed to keep horror lovers on the edge of their seats. From ferocious beasts to voodoo, this book has something in it for all readers. Written by Sherri L. Gibson, Tales of Terror promises to be one of the best horror compilations written by the Indiana born author, who is currently working on four new novels. Ms. Gibson is a published author of eight novels, who has been writing for as long as she can recall.


Field Of Desire

Beautiful Spirit wants nothing more than to lay in Anthony's arms forever. A mysterious and dark past threatens the dream, and she finds herself wondering if the truth should be told or if she should forget everything she and her handsome lover shared and run. Anthony realized the golden-haired woman he loves is keeping something from him. What was Spirit hiding from him, and why? He adored her, but could his instincts be cast aside? Could he win her trust? Follow Spirit and Anthony from the "field of desire" to find out if their love was meant to be or is ill-fated.


For a limited time I am offering a special "complete collection" special deal!
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A Prayer To The Spirits

Spirits hear me, answer my prayer
I don't ask for much, just unity shared
Grant me wisdom and make my heart soar again
Hear the prayer of this Indian

Let me soar like an eagle high above the clouds,
Where hatred and prejudice aren't allowed
Bless me with friends that will always be there
I beseech you, Great Spirit, hear my prayer

Torn and confused am I while trudging along,
Searching for answers of what went wrong
Spirits hear me now and let me feel faith again,
Are the earnest pleas of this Indian

An Indian's prayer is repeated again,
As he yearns for complete freedom and what might have been,
If his nation had not been weakened by the demands of others,
And where peace was attained, and everyone lived as brothers...
This is an Indian's prayer.

- Sherri Gibson

Click on the bear to read more of my published poetry


An Angel Before She Knew It

I'll never forget the day my mother was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, the day my world would crumble. Having been diagnosed with bronchitis only weeks before then, and never missing a routine physical, we assumed her condition had worsened.

The symptoms she had were continuous coughing spasms, which worsened with every passing day. I had phoned my parents' house that morning, my woman's intuition screaming something wasn't right, that mom needed me. When dad picked up the phone to tell me mom was sitting on the bathroom floor and vomiting, I immediately suggested calling an ambulance. Mom was rushed to the hospital that dreadful Friday.

As we sat anxiously in the waiting room for what seemed to be an eternity, a physician finally approached my Father. Dad headed towards me several minutes afterwards. The look on his face warned me something was terribly wrong, that things were worse than we had imagined.

"Sherri," he began, tears coming to his eyes and his voice breaking. "We need to talk, honey."

"What is it, Dad?" I could barely manage to issue the words, somehow knowing that day was to be the worst of my life. When no response immediately came, I repeated, "Dad, what is it? What did the doctor say?"

It was then the bad news came. The doctors had discovered cancerous fluids around my precious mother's heart, and she was to be admitted. No, my mind screamed, my mother having been not only my parent, but also the best friend I had in the entire world. The last thing I remembered were the black spots passing before my eyes before I fainted into my father's arms and a sharp pain in my chest. - To read more go Here

If you prefer something a little 'chilly' then check out some of my horror stories.

Where Evil Dwells  (E)
What horrors lie where evil dwells?
#1608789 by SHERRI GIBSON

What evil lurks on bewitching hour?
#1608243 by SHERRI GIBSON

Where had it come from?
#1608238 by SHERRI GIBSON

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Cherub.gifJust Because I Want ToCherub.gif

One of my favorite groups is my gift package group "Just Because I Want To". There, for just a few gp's you can purchase a gift pack of reviews, or spend a little more and include awardicons and/or merit badges. What better way to show someone you care.

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Cherub.gifSimply PositiveCherub.gif

Simply Positive is a review group I started to provide the WDC community with honest and encouraging reviews. Every week a collection of items are selected for reviewing by the Simply Positive reviewers. The philosophy behind the group is that reviews can be encouraging and honest and by being so offer the author the most useful feedback. If you are interested in joining the Simply Positive family then click on the bear to see how the group is run. Donations for this group are warmly appreciated.


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