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I wake up every morning to a bizarre radio show. "If oil is fossil fuel, then why is it found 10 thousand feet deep?" the talk show host asks, "Saturn's moon has a methane atmosphere." My cat nudges me with his head. He wants to be fed. Okay. Now, I'm having soup and thinking what is oil? If it isn't fossil fuel, then is it mineral? There are mineral oils. I can't stand the taste of mineral water. Get's me thinking; about the Origin of the Species. Are we mineral? If life started here, then life came from minerals. We have oil in our hair and skin. Maybe, the lava core of the Earth is making oil? Oil oozes up from reefs naturally. There is an algae that feeds on oil and insects and a sea worm also munch the crude. If this is true: oil is replenished from vulcanism, fossil emissions will create a methane atmosphere and it will rain oil. Maybe, the horse and buggy is a better idea?

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This page by:   bob county
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