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There are stories about survivors eating weaker members of their crew. This is essentially Satanic ~ You must kill to survive. Many gentle people don't have to face this awful choice. They float along the river of denial and munch on dead frozen meat... not caring about the cattle ranches destroying the Brazilian rain forest or how many more mouths this planet can feed. Zeena was aware of the population bomb; the problem of oversaturated cities and not enough infrastructure to provide water and food and shelter or waist management. Zeena prayed to Satan for clearly God would do nothing. "My God Apollo! You are the day star that gives light to the world! There is another day to do battle with the Prince of Lies! The Black Pope! The wicked shepherd ! I feel your fire inside me ! My breast ache for your firey lips ! I taste you on the sweat of my breasts! Set free your lost children! Put an end to the Kingdom of Lies! " A solar flare reached out to Zeena's prayer and two thirds of the race of Adam was struck down. Zeena was spared by the serpent and carried to the dark side of the Moon. A new dawn arose in Capricorn. .. It was the age of the goat and all was new and fresh. And they were naked fruitful. ~~~ <^>

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This page by:   bob county
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