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"By the time the plane lands, the America you saw up there will be a very different America ." Tomas said. Stacy looked out the window and saw the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge. How strange and wondrous the city lights appeared to the young Martian. She was the first generation from Mars. "How's it different? I've seen city lights on Mars." Stacy asked. "There are all kinds of Americans. There are Republicans and Pilgrims like us. Not all Americans like to see Martians." Tomas smiled and rubbed his daughter's head. "Many Americans believe Martians are a threat to their culture and economy. In the span of a single life time, Martian industry has surpassed all Earth's global economy. Americans blame Martians for lowering their standard of living and the eugenic laws." Tomas spoke quickly as he stacked their luggage on the airport dolly. Stacy stared at the pale woman at the luggage belt. "Is she ill?" Stacy whispered to her dad. Tomas smiled and shook his head, "No. She is of European lineage." The eugenic laws had almost eliminated light skinned people. Increased UV rays had increased the need for dark skinned people. A few wealthy families had retained their pale skin; even though this limited their exposure to the sun. .It was to them a symbol of status and independence... "Their once was a country of United States. It was obsessed with status and race. Now the only division is between Earthers and Martians. Our heavy skeleton and superior strength makes us giants amongst them. But, that can lead to trouble. You stay close to me." Tomas showed their passport to the immigration officer. Stacy looked about the street. .. Her eyes could see a mile .. "It's wonderful. What a great city!" she shouted and laughed. to be continued..

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