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Momma’s House Why, tell me why did I go into a rage And leave my Momma’s home sweet home? I didn't need marriage at my tender age To have a wife, just to get me some. I should have heeded momma’s wisdom. She saw in others what I could never see, Like the myriad of ways a devious woman Could get what she wanted and make a fool of me. Don’t let that hussy turn your head, My momma said, she can make it on her own. You can’t imagine why life is dread When you leave momma’s home, sweet home. But no, I wanted to be my own man, Stand up on my own two feet. My soul screamed out for independence I had to find mine in the street. I was arrogant and thought I knew it all About making it on my own I didn't need momma taking care of me, I could bring my own bacon home. I left momma’s cooking and homemade pies, Supportive relationships and close family ties. I entered a world lonely and cold In a very short time I felt tired and old. I married the girl momma warned me about Though most of the time I had to eat out. She didn't keep house and cooked not a lick. She conditioned me fast to be her personal trick. I got a good paying job above minimum wage Bought myself a Beamer, the car of the age. My wife took my ride when she went on her way Left me two kids and bills I'm still trying to pay. What I learned from experience Is that Mama was right, There’s no place like Momma’s House And keep your wild wife in sight.

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This page by:   micael l'ange
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