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My Love Poem by Edwina Carol Yes how sweet it is i love it Love itself It’s so good like when you feel it Whether it is love of self, love of him, love of work, Love of God, love of people. That sweet thing called Love does make the world go round Cause when I went round over to Paris with my daughter whom I love It was pure Awesomeness! It was my first plane ride and the lift off was pure power and I fell in Love It was a rush up through to the sky and then I had the world at my feet! Oui! We arrived and adorned our first sidewalk cafe and enjoyed the best cheese, chocolate, and cabernet. Love so good ooh la! La! Don’t stop! Then the ride down the Seine at twilight towards the Effie Tower, so a lovely sight ooh! Love does make the world go round Round to home America who I Love and to him to love to gooey sweet sexy sensational loving. oui'

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