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I fall...  [E]
Shape poem about letting go...
by Princess Zelda
A Moment In Time  [E]
This moment in time, how well spent is it really? A question I ask myself...
by Princess Zelda
Beauty in the bleakness...  [E]
Written for the Bard's Hall Contest January 2021
by Princess Zelda
The Kiss  [E]
The kiss.. and that which followed it.. (An Abhanga poem)
by Princess Zelda
I delight to do your will...  [E]
Written for the Lighthouse poetry contest January 2021
by Princess Zelda
United...   [E]
A poem on Pentecost day. Written for the Lighthouse poetry contest.
by Princess Zelda
Drowning...  [ASR]
Fighting, Floating, Sinking and Struggling...
by Princess Zelda
The Email's Tale  [13+]
An email writes about his purpose... A Ballad
by Princess Zelda
Tiny steps hurry towards me...  [ASR]
I stand and watch as tiny steps approach me...
by Princess Zelda
Sword poem  [E]
My first try at a shape poem. The poem is sword shaped.
by Princess Zelda
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Thank you! Thank you! :D

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