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Welcome to Alisha's Life of Dreams! *Smile*
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I'm creating a few books:
How I view the World
How do you view the world?
This is the cover of a new book I'm creating. Everyone sees the world differently. Along with their views, I'm going to write about how I view the world and what I wish to see from the world.                               I only have one question for you to answer. How do you view the world?
A Vampire's Deed
A romance novel
A Vampire's connection with a girl that was once human. He breaks the laws, goes on adventures, and seeks his desires with her. How will the story ever end?
My Forest
A book of nature
Every story that has been dreamt/written from the forest by a poet/traveler. Each story is different, but they are all connected with the forest.
Here are a few items you can check out:  
Alisha's world of Dreams.  (E)
A place where all dreams go...
#2242548 by Alisha P.
A Trip to Wonderland  (E)
All my adventures down the rabbit hole...
#2242469 by Alisha P.
The story that has a life.  (E)
The description is too long, so it's on top of the story.
#2238154 by Alisha P.
Unicorn's cnotes   (E)
Everything that has to do with unicorns.
#2242660 by Alisha P.
Alisha's world of cnotes.  (E)
A store of cnotes from my ideas, life, and dreams.
#2242551 by Alisha P.
    Here are some good poems I created:    
All That Time With My Life.  (E)
The memories confuse and drown the narrator. The narrator is lost with his/her life.
#2245374 by Alisha P.
Nothing Gold Can Stay  (E)
A different version I created of Robert Frost's poem.
#2242755 by Alisha P.
The Life of a Tree  (E)
A person's experience of a tree.
#2241871 by Alisha P.
    You should also check out:    
The World of Cnotes Forum  (E)
For those who want to participate in creating cnotes that might brighten someone's day.
#2242950 by Alisha P.
    This forum is for those that would like to participate in creating a cnote for the world to see. The cnotes are going to be shown in these two shops:    
The Cnotes of the World Shop #1  (E)
Every cnote that was created by random people except myself and fallen from our world.
#2242948 by Alisha P.
The Cnotes of the World Shop #2  (E)
Every cnote that was created by random people except myself and fallen from our world.
#2242945 by Alisha P.
The person with the best cnote will get 10,000 GPS and a Merit Badge.
I hope you've enjoyed being on this page and you're welcome to come back anytime! *Smile*

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