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 This week: Confusing Bags for Socks?
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About This Newsletter

New Halloween sig

All I wanted was something to place my lasagna into so I could freeze the extra portions! That's not unreasonable, right?

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Letter from the editor

I recently ordered a bulk-size package of plastic freezer bags. I thought the larger order was a great idea since I’d be saving 4 cents per bag over the well-known brand name. Thank you Amazon for having that option.

Add to the fact That I was thrilled over the 4-cent per bag savings, it was posted as next-day delivery! Wow, not even a two-day wait like most of Amazon Prime products, but one-day! It’s a beautiful thing and a huge reason why I continue to use Amazon.

The next day, I did indeed get a package at my door. I thought, “Great they are here! I can freeze the extra lasagna I made!” When I make things like Italian sauce, I make gallons of it so I can give some to my son and daughter-in-law when they come over for dinner. I also make a gigantic pan of lasagna to give some away and to freeze some.

I didn’t expect them to come in a bright pretty package as the other brand, but I did expect to get what I ordered. When I lifted the package, it felt soft. That meant the bags didn’t come in a box, I can understand the cost-cutting of putting them in a sealed bag rather than a more expensive box. I’m a reasonably reasonable person. Besides, I’m saving 4-cents per bag!

I brought the package to the kitchen and opened it up. I had to take a double-look at the contents because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Inside the large delivery envelope was a package of foot-socks. You know, the kind that are hidden when you wear gym shoes.

To their credit, though, the dozen white foot-socks were all neatly folded and tucked into ...



A Zip-Lock bag! *Rolleyes*

Amazon was quick to refund my money for the mistaken order. They also told me, due to the inconvenience, I didn’t have to return the socks! It’s a good thing, too, because now I have a dozen little socklets to hang on the annual “sock-tree” at Christmastime in the clubhouse, down South. It goes to nursing and convalescent care facilities for the patients there. *Heart*

After the money return was placed into an Amazon in-store credit certificate, I immediately went to the household products page and placed an order for plastic freezer bags. This time, though, they were the Zip-Lock brand, at 4-cents more per bag, but much easier to store lasagna in than a pair of foot-socks!

It’s a freezer-wrap for this month’s edition of the Comedy Newsletter!

Until next time—laugh hard, laugh often!

This is one of my new sigs

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The Devil Tried To Tempt Me  (E)
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Ask & Answer

Responses from my "Comedy Newsletter (July 7, 2021)


Please let me know when you get advertisements for a draisine. I'm in need of one, but it's hard to find them on a Google search with a 20th century birthdate.

Wow, I haven't thought about those railroad Draisines in years! My grandmother used to watch old Western's and those would show up in a scene every so often! *Laugh*

Elfin Dragon - contest hunting

You're auto-correct woes bring to mind when I was first telling my mom about the kitten I was adopting. I told her the kitten's name (I had typed in Toesy), but auto-correct sent it as Tozi. And thus the kitten's name spelling has stuck. I figured it had been an omen of sorts. *Laugh*

*Ha* I like the the name that "stuck." It has a playful, mysterious look and sound sound. *Cat*

*QuestionW* Some of the Newsfeed Responses to the question I asked: "Have you had an embarrassing autocorrect moment? What happened?"

Steven is writering

I accidentally typed "Dear Sur", hitting the wrong key. Autocorrect changed it to "Dear Slur". I didn't notice. I sent it anyway.

L.A. Grawitch

Sent my husband the following message, "I have really good food. Come home soon." It typed "I have really good boobs. Come home soon." He replied,"I know you do, but what's for dinner?" Laughed for 30 mins.


My entire existence is autocorrect mishaps and typos.

My most recent is a message to my sister about a plant we both purchased, called "Red Hippo".

It's an underperformer, and I don't like it.

I wanted to say, "and hippo is just a sad sack".

I sent "and hippo is just dad's sack."

My sister nearly hyperventilated she laughed so hard.

Alex Morgan

Sending an email to a customer who's last name was "Selman" Autocorrect changed it to "semen".


Thank you for your feedback, folks! Editors love it. *Bigsmile*

See you next month!


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