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 This week: Re-ignite Your Writing Passion
  Edited by: Lonewolf
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About This Newsletter

You're bored and tired of what you're writing. You aren't even close to where you hoped your story would be by now. You feel like you're losing ground and don't know how to get energized and ready for the next step. It happens to nearly everyone once or twice. Even though we know it takes most people years to hone their writing craft. Writer's block happens, but it is how you treat it that is important.

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Letter from the editor

I find myself blocked on many occasions, but I often come up with various ways that help get my imagination going. Below you'll find a few suggestions that just might help you.

1. Write at a different place

Sometimes writing in a place different than your norm can get the creative blood flowing again. So, take a walk, sit under a tree at a park. Relax outside on your porch. The choice of place is yours as long as it is different.

2. Sharpen your skills

You may be good at what you do. But someone else knows more than you do, has more skills than you do or has that extra edge. Nothing chases away a slump faster than learning something new. These groups can help with that:

"The Newbies Academy Group
"Poetic Exploration
"The Screenwriting Group
"House of Sensual Prose -Spring Session -
"The Steampunk Authors' Guild

I've only listed a few, but here on WDC, you'll find many groups that are dedicated to helping new and well seasoned writers.

3. Find a mentor

One of the best ways to insulate yourself against writer's block to find and work with a mentor, someone with writing experience who can guide and assist you. One place to begin is "The Angel Outreach Program

The Angel army's program is a big help to the WDC community as a whole because one can go and get the help with writing they need. As with the other links, this is but one group that helps with mentoring, there are many, many others here on

4. Change what you use to write

My computer and I are attached at the hip when it comes to writing most of the time. However, there are times when I just can't get anything done while staring at that blank document. When this happens I shut the laptop off, and go at it old fashion style with pen and paper. When the pen and paper method doesn't work; I break out my tablet. Change what you use to write from time to time because that way your ideas are placed on something new which could very well keep the flow of thought going.

5. Blog

Being a writer we can draw inspiration for a story from anything, that includes everyday life. It doesn't have to be important, just write. Writing about the smallest thing in your everyday life can help your writing process, because at the end of the day you're still writing. It may not be what you want to write, but it's something and that little something can lead to other things.

Editor's Picks

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This just a poem I wrote to show my expressions and feelings to my spouse.
#1709348 by Crissy

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Brittany Pledges Her Love  (18+)
An arrogant professor discovers the best writer he's ever read is one of his students.
#1937258 by Jakrebs

 Heart's Tempest  (ASR)
Sestina; a writer works through her love life...
#1917046 by WyrdNaos Trippin' on Yello

 A Boy With Blue Eyes  (13+)
Growing up is sometimes far from easy... Dylan
#1275344 by Dr Matticakes Myra

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