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Recent Contest Listings
Prompt contest using a song title from a musical as the prompt - OPENS 01/01/2015
Open contest for SHORT STORIES of all kinds; new round every month!
Each week a new image will be posted to inspire you! Stop by to see what this weeks is!
Can you tell a story with only a few words? Hint Fiction requires a silver pen.
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A young girl hopes to find her Uncle before it's to late.
12 Days of Christmas BoM
What if dreams could be shared?
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Story about a Teddy Bear who feels lonely at Christmas.
On the edge...
A poem about the depression I have hiding in my bedroom.
Losing my dad cost more than expected. The folder is a gathering place for pondering.
The best things aren't supposed to last
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East Germany after WWII, but before the Berlin Wall was built (the issues).
In the search for truth, don't stop in Genesis
Keeping Jesus in sight
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