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Gift Points are required for this feature or tool. Automatically reward Gift Points to reviewers of an item using the Auto-Reward Gift Points setting found within the item's creation and edit screens. Reviews must be 250 characters or more to qualify for the automatic award. Qualifying reviewers will be rewarded the Gift Points automatically and instantly from your personal Gift Point account, which makes it very easy for you to handle. This is a terrific way to bring more traffic to your item and give your readers more incentive to leave you a thorough review instead of just a rating.

Encourage readers to review each individual chapter in a book with auto-rewards. Novels can sometimes be overwhelming for readers to review in their entirety and assigning auto-rewards for each chapter may garner more reviews in quality and quantity. A Gift Point reward for readers who are taking their time to review your work is a win-win situation.

Benefits Of The Auto-Reward Gift Points Function
Auto-Rewards stand out on the public listings, so they help members find the items that provide instant Gift Points for reviews, Writing.Com provides a listing of all items that pay reviewers for their efforts. The *Dollar* found at the top of each page links directly to the complete listing of these items.

In addition, all public listing areas can be resorted to "Best Reward First". Under each item that Auto-Rewards GPs, the system will display:
         *Dollar* Auto-Reward: Item's author pays reviewers X,XXX GPs per review

Don't forget that the Auto-Reward system supports both the writers of Writing.Com as well as Writing.Com itself. We all appreciate the support of those members who take advantage of this unique functionality!

Costs To Use The Auto-Reward Gift Points Function
Writing.Com will keep a fee equal to 25% of the Auto-Reward Gift Points. For example, if you set your Auto-Reward to 100 Gift Points, 75 GPs will go to the reviewer and 25 GPs will go to Writing.Com. Included with this fee is the additional advertising space and the exposure provided for these items.

Requirements For The Auto-Reward Gift Points Function
When setting up an item for Auto-Rewarding of Gift Points, your account must contain at least five (5) times the amount of Gift Points that your auto-reward is set to give. For example, if you wish to set the auto-reward for 1,000 GPs, then you must have at least 5,000 GPs in your account. Visit Our Store   to purchase more Gift Points and support Writing.Com at any time!


If I'm not happy, not satisfied, or disagree with a review that was auto-rewarded GPs, can I get my gift points back?
That is not possible. Using the auto-reward system, you are offering Gift Points for any opinion sent through the review system that is 250 characters or more. Under no circumstances will auto-reward GPs be recredited to an item's owner (unless a reviewer is caught cheating the system and WdC finds the reviewer to be in violation of our policies). If you wish to evaluate feedback and reward authors based on the quality of the reviews sent, please use the return review system and send Gift Points using the review email once you have evaluated the feedback.

How can I set my already created items to Auto-Reward system?
To activate the Auto-Reward system, "Edit" any item you wish to add Auto-Reward and enter the Gift Point amount you wish to provide within the Auto-Reward GPs area.

How do I turn the Auto-Reward GPs system off for my items?
To disable the Auto-Reward GPs function, leave the field blank or enter "0" within the item form.

Are Auto-Reward GPs given for public reviews?
Yes, Auto-Reward GPs are given for both public and private reviews.

Are Auto-Reward GPs given for private reviews?
Yes, Auto-Reward GPs are given for both public and private reviews.

If you have additional questions, please visit and post in "Technical Support Forum.

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