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a story of life
My boyhood spent in the old part of the town.After this period the other part was developed newly, the capital of
my country Dhaka. .A new born nation, a little boy like me. When I recall memory, I can see everything in front of my eyes.My dad's vandalized old home but still it seems if I could go back there.The house was sold. So I can't go back as I can't return to my sweet play and joyful days, of my boyhood, to my friends.To those things like my school, play grounds, kites,sour taste fruits.These were my heart's content favourite things.My school,three storied, red and white colour painted beautiful building ,that I was writing essay in the examination.In the hot summer afternoon, running through the ground with football to give a "goal".
On any of my vacation time.Shouting....."Goa"l in a very smooth throat tone.Sometimes quarreling with the opponent side friend for denying the "goal".Returning home after game ended, darkness falling all around, because the sun has gone down. After washing hands and legs having snack of fried rice ,not the Chinese fried rice,directly fried rice on oven,very cheap food, because we were poor.Thenafter, study, complete home work.
In the morning after brushing teeth when studying beside open window,had joy for reading though there was nothing special, mother called for breakfast and after this toilet, thin closet for last evening eaten fried rice.Getting back to study table but....Again..Oh!.....
My sour fruit stopped for the trouble in my stomach and had upset mind. Tamarind, betel nut ,kettle bell, olives with salt,I bought them from the gatekeeper of primary school beside our house.His name was Jayanta. But having stopped eating those, my whole day passed badly.The time I'm talking about of my boyhood,sapling that came out of seed only few days ago.
The most interesting and joyful time started after October and continued till February, enjoying everyday every moment.The dewy and winter season time. Festive and eventful period of the year.Final exam.had finished on October and then freedom.Nobody will ask to go to the study table.Day started with two most important duties, brushing teeth and taking breakfast.Thenafter on roof to fly kites, I knew to make a kite in my own hand and "manna"making the thread sharp like blade with glue and dust of glass.Every boys were expert because kite flying was a festival of the Hindu religious families.But I joined though I came from Muslim family.It occurred in the middle of January .We flew and played cut the clock game whole day,dawn to dusk. Playing song of movies of India on every roof in high volume on the day of"Poush Sangkranti".The best joyful event of my life.Still today when this festival occur, my mind runs away to my dad's vandalized old house which don't own anymore.
Me and my one close friend named Joy played badminton all through the afternoon before festival's arrival.

I miss those days so much.If I could buy,in exchange of money !The money that all I have or in exchange of my guitar or keyboard,selling them.....I wish if I could get back my whole boyhood.....In the cost of my tears......My school, grounds, friends, kites,sour fruits....If anybody could take me to past !
Two days before I heard the news of my aunt passed away to whom I was listening story with my elder brother, lying on bed on both side of our aunt.Today I write story but on those days this aunt, my mother's younger sister, was the story teller. Read out from the translated books of fairy tale of the then Soviet Russia of Vladimir I. Lenin,a communist country.
What a eventful time that was.Sometimes on holiday in summer time, we friends went to IG.gate field and had sunk our lower part of body in the pond which was not deeper more than our waist height. We did this confirming that the pond was not too deep, because we didn't knew swimming,we went there to learn, rather to have fun.But elders didn't knew this.If knew they had not allowed to go there.We went hiding under their eyes. We saw movie, cigarette smoking hiding under their eyes.

Conversation was going on with the buyers wanted to buy our house. After the agreement on price the day was fixed for leaving the possession.We noticed that we are going on rent house for few months and then we'll go to our new home.This practically happened on a morning.Furniture and heavy items transferred before,and with few bag and baggages we rode on the "Scooter"(these days they are banned for polluting nature),and those scooters started running leaving behind all my boyhood, suddenly in hurry. Everything just ran out of my hands forever.I didn't realise that I would never come back to any of these days, persons, events or the things I loved.Today they just wink in my eyes.They are just now only memory !I recall them in my leisure.
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