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Writers are often also visual artists. Help me create posters for my poems.
Sept 2021 poem requires a background
A Knights Tirade  (E)
It would interest me to see what others come up with for part2 The Maiden Strong.
#1177520 by bearbit

I know this is not a visual art site but i need your help. I want to turn my poetry into posters to support my "Stop The Hate" tour of Canada. https://bearbitca.wixsite.com/mentaltrails


- Must be your unique cover picture
- Must reflect the poem quoted each month.
- Must include inspirational poem on the art work
- Previous works of art accepted
- Compensation if I choose to sell the Poster will be negotiated. Please remember this is for a good cause and unreasonable demands will be rejected.
- Rules and judges and prizes will not change during current month but may change in subsequent months.
- Editing is allowed until 29th of each month. Judging will begin on the 30th of each month,
- Final results will be posted within 4 days after the 29th of each month.
- 18+ content allowed but all content must be rated
- Violence, Hate, will be reviewed and removed/hidden if the judges deem it unsuitable to public consumption. Appeal to the judges is allowed after removal. Judges may remove/hide any post for any reason and the appeal decision is Final.

Current Judges

- Jim https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/bearbit

Current Prizes

1st Prize 5000 pts
2nd Prize 2500 pts
Honorable mention - 10 - 500 pts


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