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Help using the official site plug pages: request posts to be deleted, ask questions, etc.
Please take some time to read the entire introduction below before you post in this forum. Following these instructions will make our job easier and allow us to provide you assistance more quickly. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Welcome to Plug Page Help! This forum is frequented by members of "The Cleaners [ASR], a group of Moderators who work to ensure that posts to the official Writing.Com plug pages fall within their respective guidelines.

Below are the official Writing.Com plug pages. The Things To Do & Read menu in the upper left section of any page features links to all of them except “The GC+ Shameless ‘Plug’ Page,” which can be accessed from “The Shameless ‘Plug’ Page,” and “The Marketplace,” which is found under Gift Point Tools.

To post a message in this forum, please click Post A new Message; you’ll find the actual button below, between this introduction and the list of forum posts. Submitting through the large white box below the message list will send an email only to this forum’s owner, Davy Kraken , in which case a response to your request may not come in a timely fashion!

Post in This Forum If…

*Bullet* …you want a plug of yours removed for any reason. Please note, however, that you can remove your own plugs on “Writing Contests @ Writing.Com” and “The Activities Page” by clicking the Delete button next to the post you wish to erase.

*Bullet* …you see another plug that doesn’t adhere to its respective page’s guidelines.

*Bullet* …you have a question about anything related to the official Writing.Com plug pages.

And Keep in Mind…

*Bullet* …to specify the plug to be removed and the page on which it’s located, if that’s the reason you’re here.

*Bullet* …we can’t edit plugs, only remove them completely, so if you want a change made, the post will have to be deleted and replaced with a whole new plug.

*Bullet* …this forum is not a place to plug your items and port; that’s the purpose of the plug pages themselves. Such posts made here will be suspended, as will any other off-topic posts unrelated to the official plug pages.

*Bullet* …to fully read the guidelines of each official plug page, paying attention to the allowed item types and the maximum or minimum content rating for items, intros, and post bodies. ("Writing.Com Official Plug Page Rules [E] may help, as it contains all the rules on one page.) We remove many plugs, so it’s not always feasible for us to contact everyone, and it’s difficult for us to later recall why we erased a specific post, but those are the general reasons. There’s at least one appropriate official plug page for any item, so seek it out!
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by Andrew W  •  02-27-21 @ 5:53 am
by Northernwrites  •  11-29-20 @ 7:32 pm
by Northernwrites  •  11-29-20 @ 12:30 pm
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