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Animations - blue bookfrom Bids and my own addition to it laterAnimations - blue book

Create Hope

Create hope
as a harbinger of good
when thin sinuous ghosts
of smoke writhe
from extinguished candles.

Create hope
to be a catalyst for change
if a chill climbs
the ladder of spine to the icy quiver on neck.

Create hope
for watershed moments
when the jagged distortion
of one's own shadow
throbs with menace
or masochistic tendencies.

Create hope
as if you are a resourceful prodigy;
it doesn't matter if
you embroider words
and hand out wraparound,
rose-colored lenses.

Create hope
like blazing poinsettias in season
for tight chests,
constricted lungs
fractured hearts
silenced tongues,

And watch things come alive again.

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