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by Joy
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A folder for books and items about writing
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Since I have a few items on writing, I decided to bunch them together in one folder. Some of the articles contain the same information published in WdC's Drama Newsletter and other newsletters I have written.

A Caveat:
Any writing advice (in the articles here or elsewhere) is most useful when the article or the how-to books are read and understood and then not really paid much attention during the initial creation of a piece.
Too much of how-to has a way of crimping one's style and destroying freshness and originality.
During the revisions, however, all advice may be taken into consideration.
The idea is, if one knows what to do in the back of his or her mind, that knowledge will be a guide without consciously interfering with the story during the first draft.

My two cents on the subject:

Rules are made to be broken, but only after being understood and mastered. Above all writing advice should come the writer's willingness to try new things, even if it goes against every opinion. Otherwise, we would have no progress.
Then, we should always keep in mind that, in essence, when it comes to writing, there are no rules, but maybe road signs.

In addition, since you've visited this folder, make sure to collect these tiny trinkets.

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