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Bipolars have Symptoms, Education materials, Help options, meds. Meds, meds, meads, And more fucking meds To make me "right." So you are telling me I was born wrong? Fuck you! God knew what HE Was doing when I Came first into this world. I was born to be this way. Give me just one day, When some one Doesn't treat me as Less, Scary, Abysmal, To be avoided as Unpredictable, Dysthymic, Suicide bail. Fuck you. I'm worth my life, However it comes. And you want to tell me my genetics make me a wrong? I am not disorder. I am not disorder. I am just me, Like the noteworthy bipolars. Give me a chance and you will see It's okay If I'm Not You Nor you me.

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This page by:   a Sunflower in Texas
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