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A group for our new forum.
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For a blog I hope to start

Created by the talented A. E. Willcox at Flights of Fantasy Shoppe

A big thank you to the multi-talented A E Willcox for the animated images!

Welcome to the starship WDC Constitution! This starship will be a daily blog that will travel throughout the galaxy Writing.com and visit the various shining stars of the galaxy. You will find that each of these stars (authors on WDC) orbits planets (portfolios) that are inhabited with stories and poems. We will visit these star systems and the captain or one of the officers will choose a line from one of those stories or poems and turn that line or story into a prompt for the day. That prompt will then be announced throughout the ship VIA e-mail. Crewmembers will then use that prompt to create a blog entry for the day, in their personal blogs and enter it in the starship forum below using the bitem format or {entry: xxxxxxx}

Space Blog  (ASR)
Cruising WDC cyberspace and raiding ports for blog prompts!
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