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A half story, half survival guide for the average human in a world of hungry preds.

A half story, half survival guide for the average human in a world of hungry preds.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
If you are reading this, it probably means you are a human. Which in turn, probably means you don't wish to end up in the stomach of some random, hungry predator. Well, the good news is, you're already on the right track. By choosing to browse these pages, your chances of survival have already increased tenfold. However, the bad news is that's still not that much of a chance of success.

Let's face it, in this world, being a human really sucks. Not only are you at the bottom of the food chain, but the social ladder as well. The vast majority of your kind end up either as some monster's slave or pet, and that's if they're lucky. If not, it's down the hatch and into the gut. However, there is hope.

We at the Society for Continued Human Survival, have compiled this guide especially for those like you. Average humans just trying to live out their day to day lives, and make it to tomorrow. With our help, and no small amount of luck, you may just live to reach as relatively ripe age, and maybe meet your end naturally, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First thing's first, you have to get through the here and now. So for your own sake, we strongly suggest you continue reading.
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