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Poems and more about the woman who inspired me as a writer.

born September 21, 1923 in the quiet little town of Centerville, South Dakota


She would breathe life into an ordinary world,
give it color and hold it up for me to see...
She would lead us by the hand to a place
that was peaceful and harmonious.
A place that I thought I could only discover with her,
until I found it inside of me.

Mom (center) & sisters in 1925 studio portrait.
Photo taken of my Mom and her sisters around 1925 in Centerville, SD.

How we enjoyed our time together...
"Streaking sunlight hides in dusk,
as we harvest dreams to husk.
Intersecting words connect
on crossword pages she'd collect..."

Heaven Cures Her Soul  [E]
Passing time with the woman who filled me with a lifetime of inspiration.
by Brian KC ReviewBrain Vaporized

Photo of Mom on porch. Most likely in South Dakota.
The storyteller and protector of my dreams...
"But the night did not end until she read
upon the hardwood floor beside my bed...
Straining, peering over her hunched shoulder;
listening, aiming my ear to hear
gentle pages ruffle, and the whimsical voice..."

Sharp Elbows  [ASR]
She taught me to smile when the old man would not.
by Brian KC ReviewBrain Vaporized

The tender woman, hardened by life...

"She could sew me a surprise,
dry the tears from my eyes.
She'd bellow a merry story;
there was no end to her glory..."

Mama Loved Us  [E]
Tribute to a tireless mother, may she now rest in peace.
by Brian KC ReviewBrain Vaporized

One More Poem:

My Oxygen  (E)
Remembering the life and love she gave from one little molecule.
#1633450 by Brian KC ReviewBrain Vaporized

Thanks to MDuci for sponsoring and recognizing me, and inspiring me to assemble this tribute to the first great inspiration of my life:

Mom and her cat 'Bob' from early 40s.


Fun with kittens in this 40s photo from Mom's days in South Dakota.

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