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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
Three Score and Ten the Introduction,

Well here we go, After 50 years I am going to take another attempt at writing. The first time was the Palmer writers correspondence school in 1969. The writing will be not a book that will be written with the idea of being published, But will be a writing of thoughts unencumbered by possible publishing and monetary gain. This writing will be a hybrid of Journal and Reminisce. It is important to me that the writings are my true thoughts at the time, not influenced by any factor. The writing will try to explain how a 70 year old white, male USA citizen now relates to today's world. Is every oldest generation lost in their own world, that they aged into? What do I see, and feel as I age farther. I know I am not normal as in what this world today would consider normal. But I hope I am in the ball park writing the thoughts of a 70 year old. I hope for you to learn to know who I am, As I search for Who I am at 70+ This work will carry on until I am no longer able to think or write. This will be done on a nearly daily writing interwoven with a life's reminiscing. This writing has been in the planning for 10 plus years. and I have now made it to this starting point. This writing is dedicated to My Wife The Kitten, My family, My grand children, Lukas, Levi, Luis, Lydia and Sonora Pearl. I thank you God that you have allowed me to have your Three Score and Ten Time.
March 3, 2023 at 1:14pm
March 3, 2023 at 1:14pm
Score and Now Twelve + Day 198. 3-03-23
Hello Grands and All Others

I missed the month of February to write. It was the same old story of putting it off and doing something else. This winter has been difficult. The weather has been decent for a Wisconsin winter. but I am still struggling with my eyes. We cancelled a eye appoitment with retina specialist due to an ice storm. We resceduled for later this month. It sounds like a genetic problem that will be hard to do something about. I am Wearing flip up polorized sunglasses that help some in some light conditions.
On February 14, we put our Little Dog Biscuit down. He had a liver problem that was not curable and progressing. We did not want to see him suffer a bad end. I am finding it difficult to write about. We miss him greatly. He was such a good dog. As a Cairn Terrier he cared for everyone. I hope to get another dog someday. A dog was good for the wife and me as we age.
I did get my Internet sales booth inventory reorganised as was needed. But sales have been terrible. I am now doing year 2022 bookeeping and then IRS taxes. I ordered a tree and raspberry plants for spring planting so there is optimism for a spring. I have been getting things ready for this seasons flea markets. They are a lot of work, so we will make some adjustments to scedule. We will continue to do them as long as we can. They are a good activity for us. A bright spot was seeing you grand kids a few times this winter, watching you always makes things better. And remember Sonora Pearl you owe us a college tour this spring.
I refuse to change my world. I will do as I have done as long as it is physically and mentally possibe. The grim reaper, [not capitalized on purpose] will need to run hard to catch me. and if he catches me he will still have a fight.
That is all for now. I will write again sooner this time, I hope you all have a Blessed Day

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