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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
Three Score and Ten the Introduction,

Well here we go, After 50 years I am going to take another attempt at writing. The first time was the Palmer writers correspondence school in 1969. The writing will be not a book that will be written with the idea of being published, But will be a writing of thoughts unencumbered by possible publishing and monetary gain. This writing will be a hybrid of Journal and Reminisce. It is important to me that the writings are my true thoughts at the time, not influenced by any factor. The writing will try to explain how a 70 year old white, male USA citizen now relates to today's world. Is every oldest generation lost in their own world, that they aged into? What do I see, and feel as I age farther. I know I am not normal as in what this world today would consider normal. But I hope I am in the ball park writing the thoughts of a 70 year old. I hope for you to learn to know who I am, As I search for Who I am at 70+ This work will carry on until I am no longer able to think or write. This will be done on a nearly daily writing interwoven with a life's reminiscing. This writing has been in the planning for 10 plus years. and I have now made it to this starting point. This writing is dedicated to My Wife The Kitten, My family, My grand children, Lukas, Levi, Luis, Lydia and Sonora Pearl. I thank you God that you have allowed me to have your Three Score and Ten Time.
August 30, 2021 at 8:55pm
August 30, 2021 at 8:55pm
Three Score and Now Eleven + Day 13
Hello Grandkids, You are missed

My, My, How the time flies are we the only ones so busy we lose days. And so now I look back and wonder what we have done. I think the big thing is we sold our beater fishing truck for salvage parts. I sure am glad not have look at that truck anymore. We got enough to cover our repairs over four years, I think. The main under side frame was rotted through, Not highway safe. I hope the person can put the vehicle parts to good use. My brother handled the transaction as we were not up there. There will be no more fishing or second vehicle up north as we use it so little. Buying this old truck was a bad choice on my part, At the time I still had thoughts of using it to take the tractor with trailer to the farm. Now after a few more years I know that will not be happening. That it is another possibility that is no longer an option.

So what else is new, We were up at the north location last week. The potatoes are still soil wet. we are so dry here and it is wet up there, both are a problem. We did get the complete lawn mowed which is a lot. We weeded the strawberries with more to do when we go again next week.

We are now getting ready for the brothers annual fishing trip. It is three nights and has been an annual event for the last about 30 years. There is normally 4-6 of us there and it is serious fishing. To the twin grandsons Lukas and Levi, Love your brother always but catch more fish then he does. It is a good time. I do not see my brothers near enough. This is important stuff.

This week we are staying close to home, doing garden work, painting and internet item listings. We have another Flea Market on Sunday. The weather looks good. It does look like it will cool down some, but still not much chance for rain. I hope you have a Blessed Week, Did you guys get the eggs collected?
August 24, 2021 at 10:27am
August 24, 2021 at 10:27am
Three Score and Now Eleven + Day 7
Hello Grandkids
We are getting ready to leave for the north and a bit cooler temps. It is always a chore getting everything together to leave. We need to make some stops on the way up, pick up the chain saw, grocery and bank. The grass will need mowing and strawberries attended to up there. The season is starting to wind down. We are picking our first watermelon of the season today to take with us.
Lucas and Levi, The flea market this past Sunday was Okay, not great. Not nearly as many people visiting as the market in June. It was nice to see some of the grandkids during the market. They have never seen a Flea market before. They looked around, but seemed tired. They were camping close by so could visit. The day before they did a very long biking trip, to long for me. Then after the market they were going swimming at the park. I hope the parents remember they are only twelve and not tire them to badly. I think school starts for them this week.
I am doing double duty here writing this blog, I am first priority, writing to you the Grandkids. Then to the blog readers. So the writing can seem a bit strange. Have a Blessed week
August 20, 2021 at 1:26pm
August 20, 2021 at 1:26pm
Three Score and Now Eleven + Day 3

Today I loaded the van for our Sunday Flea Market. It was not a easy task, trying to guess what to take along. There is only so much room in the van and only so much table room at the market. I hope I choose correctly what to take. Today it is warm or should I say hot outside. Now I know by reading others we are not in the big league hot, but is still drains me out. Here it is noon and I feel sleepy. How did I ever farm.
This coming Tuesday we will go north and miss some of the heat here. It is much more tolerable there. We were hoping to go up this week but the van needed back brake repairs, which are now done. So we will go next week and hope to do some fishing there. I can not seem to get fishing here as there is always a chore to do or the weather is bad. I did get a meal of crappies last time up there even if it did take two evenings. Maybe it will be better this time.
I hope you all have a Blessed Day
August 17, 2021 at 10:48pm
August 17, 2021 at 10:48pm

I wanted to make an entry for this day. I now have crossed another bridge into my 72nd year. I have always tried to be prepared for all normal earthly possibilities. but now at this time I have been caught flat footed. The world has been turned upside down. I feel like the world, The USA is spinning out of control. Just when I think it cannot get any worse it does. Maybe a some likeness with the 1930's. The situation is very depressing and agitating. I try to go about our life as we always done but it is getting harder to find normalcy.
What has stayed the same is my believe in God and his ultimate control. I try not to worry and keep the trust and faith and pray more. But it is not without difficulty in today's world. Tonight I pray things will turn around and go a better direction in this 72nd year.
August 16, 2021 at 9:46pm
August 16, 2021 at 9:46pm
Three Score and Ten + Day 364

Well it looks like I will cross into year my 72 year being 71 tomorrow, Three Score and eleven years. What has changed with me in the last year? I try to remember what it was like to turn 70. I think now at 71 years I can still function with my daily chores and do projects as needed. I still am able to carry on with the small hobby business. But I do tire out easily. I get stressed easily. I am getting clumsy. My seeing and hearing is getting worse. but on the plus my thinking is clear even with not being able to grab some words I want when I want them. I am still determined and stubborn. I will continue to swing at the ball as long as God allows me to. My swing may get feeble and slow but I will swing. I do not know how to do otherwise. The most important thing for me now and has always been the Wife, We continue to put up with one another. My biggest fear is her getting sick or worse. We Thank god for our health. Now on to another year. Grand Children Our Best Wishes.
August 9, 2021 at 2:01pm
August 9, 2021 at 2:01pm
Three Score and Ten + Day 357

It's a cloudy rainy day, perfect for writing. My options for outside work are limited. But some how I am not in the writing mood. I am very tired. I feel depressed. I did not sleep well last evening. I was then and am now agitated by the direction this world has taken. I did not recognize that events could and would get so bad. This is not the way I planned to go out. If there are in the future accurate history accountings they will be arguing over where things started going wrong and why. There may be no defining moment or event. But for my two cents worth it was the Kennedy assassination and the Viet Nam War and its lasting social consequences. I will not go into why I think that. What ever my reasons they will not make any effect at this time.

I am disappointed over what I have written this past 357 days. I have been wanting to write to the grandkids. I do not see them near enough. So I hoped that I could fill in with writing, So they would know what made me, me. But I have wrote about things and events and activities not about my thinking and belief systems. Grandkids your grandfather takes the lesser path. I do not run with the herd. I stand on the hill over looking the herd, watching and learning not wanting to join. Trying to be prepared for times of chaos, for what chaos I do not, did not know. I am troubled and afraid for the children and grand children, the wife and myself. God help us all.

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