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They say your brain is split into three parts. For us writers they include: Just Writing
Hi guys! You've just found the Jlog of Jade Amber! Now you might be wondering: "What in the world is a 'Jlog'?" Well, a jlog is a mash of journal and blog. Since they give you an option for a title: Journal/Blog, I decided to mash them together! Hence the name 'Jlog'. So please enjoy a cup of Joe whilst you read and I will try to remember to 'Jlog' every day. While we're at it, enjoy these quotes I found online:

Wake up with determination, go to sleep with satisfaction.

Be happy and smile.

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

Life is tough, but so are you. -Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, which all has the potential to turn someone's life around. -Leo Buscaglia

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February 24, 2019 at 4:02pm
February 24, 2019 at 4:02pm
Today I was reminded, via a punch in the face from reality, just how fragile life is. I always knew that life was fragile, every day when someone would say, "See you tomorrow for rehearsal!" I usually think, "But what if there isn't a tomorrow for me?" I was not prepared to hear what I heard just a few minutes ago.

I know a large family who brought a few of their relatives to live with them, the dad's adopted mother, the dad's step-sister, and niece. Today the step-sister passed away from a heart attack because she was obese. This hit me hard even though I wasn't as close to her as the family was but I think the reason why the tragedy hit me hard was because I had seen her just yesterday, she was well and breathing and there wasn't a sign of anything wrong with her and then she's gone, just like that.

She was an artist, she spent her time creating pieces of art on the back porch while smoking cigarettes and drinking soda. She spent most of her time on that porch, only getting up to use the bathroom, get something to eat or to go to her room when it was time to go to sleep, from what I surmised when we visited.

I would not be surprised if the kids, especially the baby boys were hit hard with this tragedy. Last night when I was visiting, my best friend Abby told me about how her auntie, that was what the kids called her, would teach the baby boys various things artsy or not, helped them learn the days of the week and if they said the days of the week in the right order they would get two jelly beans, and she gave them jobs to do in her garden.

She was a nice person, but I can't say what I liked about her because I didn't know her as well as the kids did. That might also be the reason why my eyes are dry while I'm writing this. If I did know her as well as the kids did, I would probably be on the brink of tears. But I don't know, I wasn't one to cry when people I've known have passed.

I don't really have anything else to add. I guess if you were looking for a moral, it might be "Do follow what doctors and health teachers tell you and eat healthily and make sure that you have a one-way ticket to heaven for when you die because she, unfortunately, did not."
July 2, 2018 at 9:49pm
July 2, 2018 at 9:49pm
So, I was checking my email, as per usual, when I noticed that I had gotten, yet another, 30DB prompt. Now, I have not been a part of this group for a few months, but every now and then, I get a prompt on accident. But I read the prompt and thought, "Eh, why not write about my experience? I have a story to tell, why shouldn't I tell it?" So here I am, back again, this time unofficially writing an entry to the prompt.

This is the story of when my parents and I went up to Pennsylvania to surprise my "aunt". (Now I put aunt in quotes because she's not my aunt by blood. She's one of those people you call your family member, even though they're not related to you.)

Now, this was the first time I was going to a state that doesn't border Georgia—I've been to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama. I might have gone to Mississippi once, but that's still pretty close to Georgia.—AND we were going to fly there! Since this was my first time going this far away from my home state and this was also my first time flying, you bet I was excited as heck! My mom even bought me a book that tells you the entire story about how Lego got started, showed the first sets and all that jazz, just for the flight.

We had to drive to Augusta to get to our first plane, then fly all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina, board another plane, then fly the rest of the way to Pennsylvania, but our adventure didn't begin until we started flying home.

So, we were dropped off at the airport in Pennsylvania and we waited for our flight. We waited for a good amount of time until we found out that our flight was delayed, and if I remember correctly it was delayed because one of the windows was open a crack. So we waited some more. Then finally the airplane arrived and we flew back to Charlotte.

Now thanks to our delayed flight, we had to run to our next flight, which was, unfortunately, on the other side of the airport.

We tried to get there in time, but we were too late. The plane had already shut its doors and was not receiving any more passengers. The lady at the desk told us that the next flight going home would be tomorrow.

We were stranded. But not for long.

We researched a way for us to get back home that day and found a way: a rentable car.

The same people that were taking care of those cars in Charlotte were also doing the same thing in Augusta! It was our only chance for us to get home.

Now you might be thinking that the reason why we needed to get home was because we had something important on the agenda the next day, but I'm pretty sure we just wanted to get home because we were tired introverts who needed some solitude and time away from people.

So we packed our luggage in the trunk, hopped in and drove all the way to Augusta. By the time we got home, it was night and we were emotionally and physically tired.

So yeah, if our flight hadn't been delayed by an open window, we probably would've been able to get home in a timely fashion.

But then again, if our flight had been canceled, period, we either would've had to have spent another night at my "aunt's" or we probably would've had to have driven all the way home from the Pennsylvania airport.

I am thankful that we were able to get home that night and didn't have to sleep in a hotel.
April 26, 2018 at 7:42pm
April 26, 2018 at 7:42pm
I haven't written in here for a long time, but life happens. That is all I can say. But while I was on my "hiatus" of not writing in my jlog, I have done the following:

Worked backstage for two shows: The Tempest and The Female Odd Couple.
Learned three monologues for theatre class to perform in front of some parents.
Written some more in my two stories that I'm working on. And that's all the info you may get until I finish writing those novels.
Wrote a big scene for one of the stories mentioned in the sentence above, that is very emotional at the start and becomes more heartwarming as the scene continues.
Found out what my role model is… Wait, what?

I've finally found out who my role model is, after being alive for 14 (als-most 15) consecutive years? Yes, I have and I found out a couple hours ago.

I was in drama class (I am also happy to report that I didn't work or perform in drama class for the entire hour and 30 minutes that I was there! If that isn't an accomplishment, I don't know what is!) and while I was waiting, I was thinking—like any normal person would do when they're waiting or have nothing else to do—and as I thought, I noticed that I act a lot like an inanimate object, and that object became my role model.

Yes, my role model isn't a who; it's a what: my role model is a life jacket.

Sure, go ahead, have a good laugh but it's true!

I aspire to become one of those people that no matter how many times people look down at me, tear me down, and tell me that I'm a no-one, I'll come back, I'll bobble back up to the surface of the water, like a life jacket. (Though, my role model could also be a boogie board, because if you do the things mentioned in the sentence before to my friends, I might make your nose bleed from "me bobbing back up and hitting you in the nose from you pushing me down".)

I know that there are a lot of people out there that have been kids and have probably tried to push a life jacket (or boogie board) down in the water and make it stay down, but as soon as they let go, the life jacket (or boogie board) pops back up and stays afloat. (And might send them to the hospital from the boogie board bouncing back up and breaking your nose. Okay, I'll stop dancing on the subject of boogie boards breaking kid's noses. And no, I did not experience that as a child.)

And when someone is feeling down or is being bullied, it's like they're drowning and then I jump in and try to help, and it's like they're putting on the life jacket or climbing on the boogie board, so now, with my help, I'm able to help them stay afloat when people are trying to tear that person down.

Dang, that was insightful.

I'll just leave y'all alone, so you can chew on that big piece of insightful steak I just put on your plates.
October 30, 2017 at 7:59pm
October 30, 2017 at 7:59pm
I'm… writing romance stories?

Now for those who don't know, which pretty much is everyone on this website, I HATE the romantic genre. All the kissy-kissy, mwah mwah stuff makes me want to throw up. Yuck.

Every time I watch a movie and there's a scene when the main guy and girl kiss, in my head I'm sticking my forefinger in my mouth and making gagging sounds.

But the weird thing is, I can pull off a hilarious "Younger Lover" or Second Actor/Actress, which is from Comedia. (Pronounced Com-may-dee-a.)

So I'm just baffled at the fact that I can do the exact opposite of what I am, really well. I'm scratching my head at the thought!

I will… try to keep y'all posted on my progress. Right now, I've only gotten as far as to introduce the main guy.

September 26, 2017 at 9:08am
September 26, 2017 at 9:08am
What's with the A's S? Well, that's my way of saying Assistant's Stage Manager for short.

See, I'm working backstage for a play at my local theatre called "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".

It was a play that I wanted to audition for, but family matters got in the way, so my dad and I couldn't audition.

But a few weeks before the read-through, I asked the director if I could possibly work backstage since I wasn't able to audition, and she said yes.

So at the read-through, I was there, but then I disappeared from the cast. Why?

Because I was the prop master, I was really only needed at tech week. But then my theatre teacher, who's also the assistant manager, told me at theatre class that I needed to start coming to rehearsal.

I was curious as to why I was needed since I was only the prop master, but my teacher later told me that her original assistant's assistant manager is now in the show, so she needed someone else, aka me.

So I came to rehearsal last Wednesday and I was almost mobbed by the kids who were in the show. One of the boys said, "Don't leave us again."

Yes, they are very sweet.

So, tech week's coming up! It's pretty close.

And another thing! There's a scene where there's a party and there's a dance, and the director just announced that on the last performance—which will be the sixth actually. Yes we are having six performances, which hasn't been done before with the Youth Theatre.—the crew can come out and dance along to the song!

I was thrilled! I love dance choreography and fight choreography! But this time it was only dance.

But I was still happy! I haven't been able to dance since this summer! Okay it wasn't that long ago, but it feels like it!

And—surprise, surprise!—I know most of the dance choreography and I've only seen it twice and I haven't danced it yet! *Shock2**Shock2**Shock2**Shock2**Shock2**Shock2*

What song is it, you might ask? Well, *Music1*it's called the Thriller! Thriller night!*Music2* *Laugh*
September 11, 2017 at 12:24pm
September 11, 2017 at 12:24pm
Now, lots of people in Florida are without power and are probably going nuts, bananas and crazy all at the same time, (*Laugh*) but I'm over here, in South Georgia, near the Barrier Islands, and we still have power and the internet kicked out for only fifteen to thirty minutes! *Delight*

Now, this blog post isn't about me boasting, but about how AWESOME this hurricane has turned out for us!

See, a friend of ours decided to spend the hurricane with a friend of theirs, and just a couple of weeks ago, they got two kittens; so they didn't want to leave the kittens at their house, all alone with no one to take care of them—Of course they have neighbors that could walk out of their house and check up on them, but hello! Hurricane! Lots of wind! Anyone stupid enough to go outside while the wind's a-blowin is going to turn into a tumbleweed. *Laugh*—so she asked my mom if we could take care of them.

My mom asked my dad, and she (my mom) suggested that we keep the kittens in my room.

Dad asked me, and when I gave the "YES!!", he let Mom know, and Mom let our friend know, so last night, she dropped the kittens off and they'll be here until Tuesday.

So we've got kittens and cats—We have sense. We know that we don't have our cats turned into wet tumbleweeds.—in the house, my mom and I went to the library to get some books, we've got a Keurig so we can make coffee, and a tea kettle for tea, and it's raining and blowing outside.

So, I feel comfy and cozy in our stable brick home, that hasn't let us down in the I forget how many years it's been up years that it's been standing, and it's not going down today! *Bigsmile*

Now don't you think I don't have any complaints; I do.

Yes, being a part of an online school has its advantages, but it, too has its disadvantages as well.

For example, it rarely closes.

Sure, we don't have school on holidays, but that's really the only time we don't have school. Except for today.

We were originally going to have a normal school day, even with the hurricane storming around us, but then during my social studies class, my teacher announced that after that class, everything that was scheduled for today, like classes, WIN (What I Need) sessions, meetings, all that was cancelled for the day.

Now of course, I still have assignments to attend to, and they sent a recording of the two classes that I was supposed to have today, but still, NO MORE CLASSES FOR TODAY!!! Woot WOOT!!!

Can you tell that I'm excited? *Ha**Ha**Ha*

Anyway, that's enough from me.

Have fun surviving. *Smirk*
August 22, 2017 at 12:03am
August 22, 2017 at 12:03am
Okay, my handle—I'm Starry Eyed, But Why? Jade—is a little weird, unless you know what happened today across the U.S.!

Yes, when I say that I'm starry eyed, I mean that the sun's in my eyes, and the sun is a star, so that's why. *Meh*

But hopefully y'all didn't look at the sun without your glasses until the total eclipse, otherwise, you can say goodbye to writing...

...Unless you have an apprentice or secretary to write down your stories. *Bigsmile*

But I hope that y'all also didn't have any trouble finding a good viewing place; my dad and I travelled up to my dad's cousin's place a day early, so we could sleep and be up and ready for the eclipse, and we watched it at his cousin's clinic—she's a vet.

The clinic's on a hill and the sun was directly above us, so we had a good view.

There was a tree and in-between the leaves was the sun peeping through the leaves and forming little crescents.

Someone tried doing the cereal box thing where you cut two square holes in an empty cereal box, place tin foil over one hole and poke a small hole in it.

You also put a white piece of cardboard at the bottom so you could see, but the lady that used it the most was wondering why it wasn't working towards the end, probably because the hole got bigger for some weird reason.

Now of course when you hear the word "clinic", you're either thinking of a hospital clinic or a veterinary clinic, and if you read one of the sentences before, you would've seen that I said that my dad's cousin is a vet, so yes, I did get some animal love and therapy: cat therapy, dog therapy and horse therapy.

Yes, there was a fence with a horse in the back of the clinic.

And clearly this horse did not know the word "stranger" because it saw me, trotted up to me and started loving on me.

It held its head up close to mine so I could hold its head and rest mine on theirs. (I don't know if it was a boy or a girl, so when that happens, I usually say 'it' or 'they'.)

It was white with little brown spots all over it.

One of the funny things was I think the horse was camera shy, because my dad tried to capture the moment, but the horse would move its head before Dad could get a picture.

I also didn't (and still don't!) know what its name was, so when I left them for the last time, I said, "Bye Toccoa." because that's where the clinic is located, or roughly near there. Toccoa Georgia, for clarification. I don't want lost people reading my blog posts. *Laugh*

Then when Dad and I were driving home, I said to him, "If I ever have four or five horses, for some unknown reason, I would name them Strawberry, Bree, Hwin, Destrier and Jewel."

If you didn't get why some of my horse's names are so weird, it's because they're from "The Chronicles of Narnia".

Now that I looked at the wiki for "The Chronicles of Narnia", I'll need two more horses, a white one and a black one, so I can name them Snowflake and Coalblack, though that's optional. I don't want to run a horse farm. *Wink*

But Jewel isn't exactly a full-fledged (Get it? Strawberry's Narnian name is Fledge? Never mind.) horse, he's a unicorn, but still for Halloween, I'd take some cardboard and some string and tie a cardboard unicorn horn to his head. *Laugh*
August 10, 2017 at 7:36pm
August 10, 2017 at 7:36pm
So I was at theatre today, (My second class of the year! I was returning. I have a funny story about the first day when I first walked in, but that'll be another post.) I was practicing improv, or improvisation, and I was practicing with a boy in my class, and we were assigned characters.

He was a football jock who was in love with me, and I was an emo that didn't talk all that much and I hated him and was trying to make him leave.

So there was one point where he told me that I should be in athletics and should try out for the cheerleading squad, and I said, "I don't do cheerleading."

Then my teacher said, "New choice!" meaning I needed to change my response.

And my response was, "I'm too pleasant."

Everyone started laughing, and I joined them.

It was way too funny!

An emotional person that's too pleasant! *Rolling*

Then after that good laugh, my scene partner asked, "Why do you say that?"

I replied, "I was more hyper than the cheerleaders." *Rolling*

Oh man, that was priceless!

I'm still laughing from that one-liner! *Laugh*
July 30, 2017 at 12:45pm
July 30, 2017 at 12:45pm
I have just figure out on Thursday, that I can make a sound that sounds a lot like a chicken.

What I do is I make a bunch of bawks in my mouth and stick my tongue out and bawk and I sound a lot like a chicken!

I can also mimic a cow, pig, goat and rooster.

I also do something that my dad calls "The Maniacal Bunny".

I made it up when my dad taught me the "I Smile for You".

What you do is say, "I smile for you." then roll your upper lip up and put your bottom lip over your upper pair of teeth, then pull your bottom lip down so it shows your two front teeth a little.

Well "The Maniacal Bunny" is where you do that, but show your front teeth a little more and your eyes bug out.

When I do that, I've found out that you can say anything that sounds stupid, and people will laugh!

Like this, I do "The Maniacal Bunny" and say something like, "I like sandwiches."

The reason why it's so funny is the fact that it's creepy, but when I say something stupid, it makes it less creepy!

The one I do the most is I'll make the face, then bleat like a goat.

It get my mom every time. *Smile*
July 15, 2017 at 1:40pm
July 15, 2017 at 1:40pm
Over the past three weeks, I have been traveling and attending a camp.

Now, my ability to keep it cool just broke.

It all started this morning.

I was asking my parents if we could stay home instead of going to the weekly Bible study at a friend's house.

It's still hanging in the air, but I really do want to stay home, because I have been "out-peopled".

The way I say it is with all the interaction with people for the past three weeks has put my knick from my people scale in the negative scale.

So, when I went to grab some milk for my coffee, I had to duck because my dad was getting some water to put with his tea bags—It's his thing that he does, he likes to use his tea bags over and over until he can't do anything except throw them away.—and as I was coming up from grabbing the milk, I hit my head against the freezer, and usually, I would shake it off and go about my business, but this time, with all that went on for three weeks nonstop and I was tired from going to bed at midnight or one and waking up at eight or eight-thirty, (even seven at one point) I broke down and cried.

My dad told me that I was growing because if that happened when I was six, I would've screamed.

Trust me, you do not want to be around when I scream, you could go deaf.

Okay, it's not that loud, but I am loud.

Anyway, I didn't care about that, I just needed some love.

When I cry like that, all I'm thinking about is, I need some love, love me, love me.

I cried for a minute or two, and then I moved on, with the tears still bathing my eyes.

I say bathing because I didn't wipe them off right away, because they felt cool against my eyes.

Then my mom and I made a lemonade slushy and that really perked my day up.

But I'm telling you, if I could bring my dream to life in a second, I would be stuck in a furbished room, filled with things I enjoy, a TV with video games, a laptop, and myself.

Sure, every once in a while I would walk up and love on my parents and pets, grab some food and then head back down.

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