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Just my crazy family and me being the youngest and only girl with 14 older brothers.
So... where to begin...?
How about with my brothers...
So, I'm the only girl and the youngest of 15 kids. I'm also the shortest. My brothers are anything but normal.
Out of my brothers there are two sets of triplets and the rest of them are twins, giving me 4 sets of twin brothers to deal with.
I'm 5'3 and my brothers are 6'2 or taller. I guess I got the short end of the stick, literally and figuratively.
I think my brothers may share 3 brain cells between them. At the same time I think they don't. They have their blonde moments...but no one in our family is blonde...
We all have very dark eyes and dark-ish hair. Well, other than the albino twins, they husky eyes. One brown and one blueish whiteish.
Some of my brothers have very dark brown hair that looks black while some of them have dirt brown shades and others light brown shades. I bet we could make a gradient with our hair colors.
The shortest brother I have is 6'2 and the tallest is 7'1.

We're all from the exact same mom and dad. We're full blood siblings through and through. There's no half blood sibling bullshit. No offence to half siblings but in our family half siblings are a disgrace.

We have a lot of different things..
We're Russian, German, Canadian, El Salvadorian, Afghanistanian <<spelled right???>>, Iranian, Guatemalan, Irish, Swedish, Alaskan and 1% American. It's interesting.
My brothers ages range from 19 to 25.

We also were all adopted by the same couple who said that they wanted to adopt a kid. They also said if the kid they chose to adopt has siblings that were also up for adoption that they'd go ahead and keep us together by adopting them too.
They didn't realize till all the papers were signed and approved that they had just welcomed 15 little demon kids that barely knew English into their home.

That's just the beginning, there's a lot of funny stories to come...
January 3, 2023 at 10:46am
January 3, 2023 at 10:46am
I got a review the other day and they talked about how fun, crazy and some other words i don't remember, dinner would be with such a big family.

They were very close.
My brothers and I all like the same foods so it's easy on my mom and dad when they cook, but we all like it different ways...
Like with steak, because theres so many of us, when my dad decides to make steak he usually ends up cooking all day.
I feel bad for the cooks at the restaurants we go to.

With such a big family sometimes it can be expensive to go out but also to cook, so usually we all go our own ways.
Like a few of my brothers will go eat together and I'll go with a few of them, we kinda just go to dinner in groups and to different places.
December 14, 2022 at 5:59pm
December 14, 2022 at 5:59pm
One of the many memories I have of my brothers and I...

As a big family we have our big traditions, and many traditions grow year by year.
We've also moved a lot as our family continues to grow out of each house to which we go.
>> not me trying to rhyme <<
Our family is big but our traditions are bigger.
One tradition we all love, well our parents don't but we do, is on Halloween.
Every year we dress up as something we've never done in the past years, but it has a twist.
We all have our names in a bag, hat or bowl. Whatever we see first when setting up. Then we each pick a name and the name we choose is the person who picks our Halloween Costume. It's not which ever name you pull is the person that you choose the costume for, that would be too easy.
So this year I of course drew Dimitry. Dimitry is.... well he's Dimitry.
This is the first time I've picked his name in a very long time.
Of course he already picked out what he was gonna make me wear before everyone else had even picked the names of their person.
He decided to put me in a maid outfit with of course a twist...
He put me in a maid outfit with cat ears and a tail. Plus heels which I can barely stand still in without falling.

Our Halloween day traditions are wacky and stupid so this costume was no help.
During our Haunted House adventure it didn't help with the stupid clowns that make fun of people as they leave. Because I was a "cat" they yelled the scaredy cat stuff at me and stupid things like that. They weren't insulting, just annoying.

During our hide and seek, it was hard for me to hide because of how fluffed out the dress was. It was the first time I lost a round of hide and seek since 2012.

Later that day as I was getting ready to go home to change my brothers came into the room, they were all wearing the exact same outfit/costume I was in.

That's when I realized that brothers are more than just annoying and that their somewhat lovable...

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