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We take a chance on acceptance, fail and try to find answers.
Believe is what you said
and so I did, waited,
alone for you in this
uninhabited dark.

Trust is what you said --
hold fast I did, me,
one little guy awake
inside the dying spark.

What street do I cross
to get back to your place,
in your good grace,
see your dark face
with an approving look?

I took the hook and dove
as deep as I could.
You offer an empty hand --
a handshake?
Is this hello or goodbye?
If I take this bait
will you send me
back out to die?
Am I not the good guy?

How do I get back
to where it all began?
There are no do-overs
you say. I say I'll try again.

Once, I took the bait
believing I could win.
My desire was my sin
and you reeled me in
only to cast me aside.

Life’s Little Interruptions 🥀🦋  (18+)
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