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Written for Acme's Poetry Contest
Promises, Schromises!

I promise that I love you
I promise that I care.
I promise that it’s nothing
You found that kinky hair.

You say it’s not your color,
But you can't say for certain,
Have you lately stole a look
Does your carpet match the curtains?

Nevermind you found it
On my undies doing laundry
I promise I have no idea,
How it got there, quite a quandary!

Wait, you say there’s other things,
That raise your mild suspicions?
The late hours, lipstick, perfume,
The trying new positions?

I promise that it’s nothing!
Please believe it’s true!
I’d never cheat on anyone,
Especially on you!

You say you want a divorce,
You’re taking me to court
But trying to make two women happy
I can’t pay child support!

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