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Bob and I... at it again :-)
"My Answer" by destinydances

When moments turned to years without your love
I sought to soothe my heart, and soul, and mind
Looked toward fields below and skies above
Alas, there was no remedy to find.

I wandered through this life a wounded child
Found momentary solace on the way
But never was my yearning reconciled
That kept me closed from others in dismay.

I knew not what such loneliness was for
Resolved to have to make it on my own
Until your smiling face was at my door
My soulmate throughout many times I've known.

Now when my happy soul so freely soars
Is when I deeply know that I am yours.

"Some Have Come to Stay" by Candlemaker

And when I deeply know that I am yours
And all the world can come and go at will
And nothing on the planet reassures
Your soft aroma drifts toward me still.

Eons of time have gently come and gone
And ravaged lovers all along the way
The fainting heart will tremble off and on
But some of us have truly come to stay

And so across the miles and years of time
I pen these words to softly stir your heart
If limited to feeble words of rhyme
Dependent on the meager poet’s art

I’m like the lovely drops of falling rain
And kissing you until we meet again.

"Missing" by destinydances

Your kisses are within the drops of rain
A soothing touch upon my fevered brow
When only distant memories remain
Recalled from all the words before me now

You were not here to hold my hand that day
I fumbled in the darkness of the night
I cursed the universe took you away
And searched for words to make it all seem right

Your words, they speak directly to my heart
Advise me of the other times we've been
Give comfort to me now that we're apart
Give promise of a day we'll meet again

I see when darkest night gives way to dawn
I know inside you're never really gone

"The Boundless Reach" by Candlemaker

Across the boundless reach of time and space
I know my heart has beat within your heart
My hand has simply touched your lovely face
And now we’re momentarily apart

In pondering the certainties I know
The mystic web of everything that’s true
The saints and angels celebrate to show
I found myself when I discovered you

So you the teacher I the learner still
Or I the teacher you the learner pure
An exercise of heart and mind and will
To know the ancient ageless wisdom sure

It’s plain enough for both of us to see
That I was born in you and you in me

"Forever" by destinydances

A shadowed room reveals an open door
It whispers to my fragile memory
My footsteps steal so softly 'cross the floor
With yearning heart and eyes that need to see

I peer inside, what solace there to find
Something that bodes promise above today
To blow the dusty cobwebs from my mind
And lead me on to knowing my true way

A gentle light so beautifully glows
My tired eyes are soothed when at your door
My trembling hand extends to one it knows
Meets strength, and faith, and promise evermore

Within our love forever we shall be
As I reside in you, and you in me

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