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"Tears on My Pillow [E] by destinydances

When duties of our lives won't compromise
And need begets resolve to stay the course
One may mistake the glimmer in my eyes
Not questioning its fundamental source

The joys and pains within my heart to know
Can not be guessed by looking at my face
When what folks see is what I choose to show
They will find comfort stopping by this place

My manners smile and question how they fare
They see that I am glad that they came by
I hope they always feel I really care
And that they never get to see me cry

Those restless times without your company
Tears on my pillow known only to me

"Invalid Item by Candlemaker

When what folks see is what you choose to show
I’m glad they find some comfort in that place
I’m sure it satisfies the average Joe
But you’d get more from me than average grace

A mystery yes, the glimmer in your eyes
And while you set your heart to stay the course
And never once consider compromise
There is a soul familiar with the source

Your lovely heart is always more than fair
Of course you’re glad to know that they came by
But deep within you have someone to care
You’re never quite alone when you should cry

Those restless times without my company
And yet you feel and hear and know and see

And it is I

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