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softly... companion poems with pzakaras
"Invalid Item by PaulZ ~ Je Suis Le Reve ~

You hold my eyes within your gaze,
yet on the window's other side
the weather shows a chilling trace-
-inside, my pulse begins to race.

Within my poor male thoughts I think
"I am the master of my fate".
Already unaware I've lost
and unequipped to count the cost,

I lay my simple thought aside
to now survey your perfect smile-
Still unaware of what's begun...
I notice not the web you've spun.

I yet believe I hold the reins;
that I still choose the course love takes.
And then your lips close over mine,
and all is lost to lust sublime!

Thus do I fall to your design.
Thus is the Y lost to the X.
My maleness melts within your purr-
you take my life, and softly stir.

Deep in my soul the battle's lost,
yet I'll not raise the hue and cry.
Mount Everest: A gentle rise,
as I am conquered through your eyes!

"Softly Spin [ASR] by destinydances

You hold my heart within your grasp,
a stronger pulse you ne'er have known,
you squeeze and tug like it's a toy
and you are but a boundless boy.

My female heart's so vast I feel
"I'm not the mistress of my fate."
I'm unaware my love's a game
but win or lose you'll curse the same.

I lay my thoughts of self aside
and see the wonder in your eyes,
wily ways that can be charming,
playful smiles that are disarming.

I don't believe I've held the lead
in any dance through which I've spun;
but give my all as best I know
to follow you where e'er you go.

The straining rhythm haunts my soul
The X designed to follow Y.
My femaleness, your prize to win,
You take my hand and softly spin.

Deep in my soul the battle's lost,
Yet you will never see me cry.
Lake Michigan: an easy wade,
And I'll pretend I'm not afraid.
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