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Fantasy Short Story of how the Great White Buffalo saved the day.

Singing Sparrow caught fish for the day meals and did her basket weaving but everyone in the tribe was at ease. White men known as Cavalry soldiers were making Indians leave their tribes. Rumors were going around from the three white men the Chief and council members done fur trading with. Singing Sparrow was the Chief's daughter and she and two other Cherokee women were part of the tribal council. Singing Sparrow sang songs about Indian romances, animals of the forest, the land and sang songs about the Indian spirits. When she was a baby, she would sing or rather make sounds that sound like singing to help her go to sleep. Her voice was always soothing and even deers and wolves love to hear her sing. Life was hard for the Indian people in the 1800's.The white men were killing the Indians buffalo, taking land and killing off a lot of Indian tribes. Singing Sparrow could always count on her father Chief Running Horse and her intended Silver Wolf for comfort. They were the two bravest men that she knew. Her mother Moon Shadow was always nervous and was afraid of her own shadow. Grandma Lightfoot had always been a rock. She kept everyone's spirits up. Singing Sparrow hoped Grandma Lightfoot would always be around.

The sound of thunder bought Singing Sparrow back to reality. She was picking flowers and looked up at the sky. It was dark for a few minutes and she saw a purple haze and then it disappeared. This was disturbing but Singing Sparrow wasn't afraid. She was more afraid of the cavalry soldiers that the three white men had talked about. Just then Silver Wolf came up to Singing Sparrow and kissed her on the cheek. She hugged Silver Wolf and noticed that he had three rabbits that he had shot. Singing Sparrow hated that animals had to be shot for food but it was for survival.

"Did you see the purple haze just now and how dark it was?" asked Singing Sparrow.

"Yes. What do you suppose it means?" asked Silver Wolf.

"Grandma Lightfoot says the spirits are reminding us that we need to be loyal and more faithful to them." Singing Sparrow said this in a quiet voice.

"We always give thanks and turn them for guidance. We are loyal and faithful. We do dances to get rain and have feasts in their honor and we always ask for help. We love them." Silver Wolf hugged Singing Sparrow as if he was afraid.

Singing Sparrow had never seen Silver Wolf afraid before. He had stared down a bear once and he and her petted wolves together and Singing Sparrow had fed a bear once and petted it. She and Silver Wolf were afraid of the white men. She didn't like being afraid of them. This was still their land and why should the white men interfer in their lives? They didn't live in their towns. They lived in the woods by the river. The Indians wanted to be left alone to raise their families. Singing Sparrow didn't like Silver Wolf being scared. She didn't like this uneasy feeling, either.

Just then it thundered and lightning appeared. Singing Sparrow shook as a cold breeze came over her and Silver Wolf. The purple haze was back and it was dark again. The wind blew and a great bid cloud appeared that shook. Just then the shape of a big buffalo appeared. It was white with gray masses on his chest. He had two big gold horns and he looked at Singing Sparrow and Silver Wolf.They were afraid at first but then the animal spoke.

"Be not afraid. Trouble is headed your way. The bad white men will take your tribe into town and you will be in big cages. Behold! I will be with you. You will be free. Do not fight the white men. The spirits are more powerful and stronger. Now go! Warn your tribe! Have hope. I will save you!"

Just then the big buffalo disappeared. Singing Sparrow and Silver Wolf looked at each other.

"Silver Wolf! We must go back to our reservation and tell our tribe what the Great White Buffalo told us!"

Silver Wolf and Singing Sparrow went back to their reservation and told her father what the big buffalo spirit had said. They agreed to do what the spirit had said.

Grandma Lightfoot smiled and hugged Singing Sparrow. "The spirits favor you, my Dear. I, too have seen the Great White Buffalo and he talked to me. We will be safe. You are my granddaughter and you have my powers. You will be able to help lead our people someday." Singing Sparrow admired her Grandma Lightfoot more then anyone. She was glad that she would be like her someday.

The Cherokee tribe didn't sleep well that night. Singing Sparrow hoped the Great White Buffalo would return to her that night but he didn't.

The next morning the cavalry men showed up and they were rude as they took Singing Sparrow and her people hostage. The cavalry expected the Cherokees to act afraid but they weren't. They went willing. They tied the men together and the women they tied together and made them walk to town. It was a long walk. Singing Sparrow's mother was crying but Singing Sparrow reminded her what the buffalo spirit had said. Moon Shadow stopped crying.

The cavalry men put the Indians in jail cells and some were tied outside to each other and put in huge tents. Cavalry men guarded them. Singing Sparrow was in an inside cell and Silver Wolf was outside with the other Indian men. The Indians were barely given food. Some pieces of bread and water. Singing Sparrow hated this but the buffalo spirit wouldn't let them down.

Finally, it was eight'o'clock at night. Private McNeal and Private Haines were instructed to watch the Indian prisoners inside and thee other soldiers were watching the Indian men outside.

Singing Sparrow and the other women were cramped inside the cells and the children were crying. The two privates told the children to shut up. Singing Sparrow wanted to see Silver Wolf so bad. She just put her arms around her mother and her Grandma Lightfoot patted her hand.

All of a sudden, a thundering noise was heard and the building shook and rumbled. It was like a tornado. Just then the Great White Buffalo appeared and the building was destroyed and Singing Sparrow was riding on the Great White Buffalo's back and the rest of the Indian tribe were riding horses and buffalo in the sky. The soldiers saw the Great White Buffalo with Singing Sparrow on his back and that was all they could see. The beast was snorting and spit on them and they felt his warm breath and they felt hot. As quick as it happened, the Great White Buffalo and Cherokee tribe were all gone. The Privates couldn't believe their eyes. The building was destroyed and they were all covered with dirt and mud.

Sergeant Williams and General Cannon wanted to know what happen.

"A big white buffalo took the one Indian girl and it spit on us and made strange noises and there was a tornado. Sir, after the tornado and big white buffalo left, the Indians were all gone. This is the truth." Private McNeal told this to the Sergeant and General. The Sergeant and General didn't believe him but all the men told them the same story so they had no choice but to believe them. There was only a tornado in the building where the Indians had been held prisoners. The Indians had escaped and there was nothing they could do.

Where was Singing Sparrow and her people? They were living back in their old reservation. The white men didn't bother them again. When the white men came to the area, the Great White Buffalo chased them off. The legend and story was handed down for generations to come. This Cherokee tribe had been faithful to the spirits and they were protected by the Great White Buffalo. Singing Sparrow and Silver Wolf were married and they had children and they were lucky to be the chosen ones and protected by the Great White Buffalo.

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