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When she gives her eyes and smile to me, I'm released from my self-imposed prison.

Even in darkness
where I should hide
you eternally shine, show me
in my self-imposed prison,
I’m not alone.

I close my eyes
to dream away dawn.
When they open
you are there upon
my every breath, sigh,
pushing out every wish
to repose and die.

In this void
no walls I feel
before your embrace
fills every cell
chases away hell,

things I shouldn’t consort with.
And your only plea?
That someday I smile,
fill your night with stars
from hardened tears.

Even on this hopeless sea,
catapulting a lifeless form,
you float; the tide recedes,
leaves only you
and my dry eyes that see.

Wonder is your grace,
humility and patience;
overwhelming security,
your love's capacity, and...
why share it with a fool like me?

Love teaches those who cannot comprehend its meaning.

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