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by Man S
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Lif is bitter and we need to face it.
The Life

It is hard to kick the goal
Easier said than done when you have a heart with a hole
We crave desperately for beautiful dreams
But, hang on! We all share silent screams.
Love sickens when it receives too much care
You fail to dig it and no one to share
Pain bites at your sides, you go the entire smile
But, hang on! We all share them all the while.
Acquaintance loud mouthed allies
Malice and poison chalice stuffed in the bellies
Civilization goes barbaric with urban taste
But hang on! Everyone’s life is a waste.
It is hard to go get around
Where pain and cries abound
We yearn a lot too little it seems
But hang on! We all share silent screams.
Man S.

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