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Organize Your Portfolio

To keep your portfolio organized, you may create folders in which to store your items separately. Click the "Create a Folder" button located in your portfolio. Fill out this page, save the folder and your folder will now be located in your portfolio!

NOTE: Folders are *not* considered static items! Please do not think if you post your poem, short story, etc. in the description of your folder that it will show up as a static item. Folders are used solely to hold the contents of your portfolio. Static items, Campfire Creatives (TM), Madlibs, Message forums, etc. are to be placed in here.

Moving Items Into Folders

After you have created your folder, you may move items that you've already created into that folder. All you need to do is "Edit" your item and change the "Folder" choice from this edit page. When you completed the edit, the only thing that will have changed will be the location of the item within your portfolio. As long as you change nothing else at the same time, your item will look exactly the same.

Folders are useful for organizing items by type, genre, time periods, style, rating, etc. Treat them as "collections" within your portfolio. Readers are able to search the site for folder collections, so be as accurate as you can with your description of that folder. That will help readers find your folder quickly and easily when they search for your topic!

Portfolio Organization System (POS)

You can easily control the default order of items within your portfolio using our Portfolio Organization System. Visit the area directly beneath your private portfolio for more details on this convenient feature!

Upgraded and Premium Members also have access to the Folder Management Utility, which allows them to quickly move several items from folder to folder. This feature is a great time-saver!

Premium Members have a built-in portfolio Recycling Bin! These members can quickly mass delete items from their portfolio at the click of a button. And the best part is, these items are saved in the bin for two weeks in case of a change of mind!

For more information, please read: "Compare Free and Paid Membership Benefits.

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