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A Wizard Draws Strength From The Love Of A Nymph
The kiss that felled a thousand pines,
and shook the mountains green,
plummeted Greylock into hellish mines,
where a wizard's doubts of honor were seen.

For he was older than mountains of stone,
And should have seen many a danger.
He who lived eons quite happily alone,
Now undone in the arms of a stranger.

It was dusk and tiresome his eyes were,
the road from wars and feasts was long,
Now alone again; away from mortal men,
He heard a sad and yet beauteous song.

She sat under a tree of Autumnal fire,
In her eyes was the story loneliness tells,
So the ancient wizard then knew desire,
and heartsickness no magic ever quells.

She was a nymph of the mountain wood,
tired of enchanting bark, twig and burl.
Living alone for as long as she could,
and torn between being nymph or girl.

Her pleading words dropped like dew,
and watered the longing of beginnings:

Oh!, What I would give to leave my lair,
and live with one who could warm my soul!
No man wants a nymph born among the briar.
My curse is I'll be forever alone and old.

Old!, He said, You know not what you say!
You are moments compared to where I've been!
Such a beauteous maid with no signs of decay,
And whose heart any man would want to win.

Greylock, you may be ancient in years,
but I know a truth of your eternal youth,
though you've hidden it with wizardly ways,
so foolishly behind grey hair and tooth.

Pierced now the glamour shroud that shields,
After distancing affections by cloaks of age!
And by eyes of honey and hair of wheat fields,
that held him faster than the strongest cage.

Greylock speaks...

Even I Greylock know this...
to bind your kiss to me is grief,
For my love is bound to eternal sorrow.
Your life is harmless, gleeful, and brief,
Whereas mine shall never want of a tomorrow.

And does this disqualify you of love's gift,
While men of hedonistic want are hell bent?
Nay!, I say let eternity fade,the heavens rift!
If it deprives us the fraction of one moment!

Before the embrace, the zenith burst in his mind.
Could he stand reality after premonitions so sweet?
Leaving his well-laid plans of solitude behind,
Greylock faced the pleasures he would meet.

The first touch..a kiss.
The Dragon awakes...

It's clockwork brain smelled of jealousy,
shards of cruelty flicked from it's many tails.
Greylock refused to look at it head-on, and still,
It held him with talons of fear that prevails.

Every scale composed of a suppressed fear,
glittered in blackest defiance against him.
It's belly swelled with stolen dreams

All must face me and all will lose.
Did you think you would really win?
I am the destroyer of all who choose,
to trust in the vanity of all that is men.

Now the Nymph employed dragon charms,
For no one would take away,
The comfort of her true love's arms,
There'd be Dragon's blood spilled today.

(to be continued....)

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