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A birthday celebration for Writing.com
*ConfettiR**ConfettiG**ConfettiR**ConfettiR**BalloonB* *BalloonB* *ConfettiR**ConfettiR**BalloonB* *ConfettiR**ConfettiG* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiR**ConfettiR**BalloonB*

Celebrate 2

Have you heard the good news?
Writing.com is 12 years old *CakeP*.
So it is time to celebrate *PartyHatV* I've been told.

Let's celebrate by doing our literary best.
Writing, creating, publishing unfinished novels, poems and prose.
Post an image, try a blog and see if it grows. *PoseyV*

Dust off your projects, try a new genre.
Kick up some Satire, Romance or Drama.
Don't worry so much as were to put the period or comma.

Tell us what's in your heart of hearts. *SuitHeart*
Maybe a Mystery about poison darts.
Could be an article about how to create edible food art.

Whatever your bag, 12 years - let's celebrate. *ConfettiR*
Celebrate great teamwork, ingenuity; members let's cheer.
Don't hold back even if it means some *Cry* happy tears.

I celebrated at the eleven and it is a privilege to do so at 12 years.
I hope to be around kicking when 13 appears.
But today I am shouting *BalloonB* Happy Birthday *BalloonB* Writing.com.
Here is wishing you and your members many more birthdays to come.*BurstV*

Word Count: 184

by Seabreeze 8/28/2012 (This Celebrate 2 because I wrote Celebrate last year.)
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