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by Elle
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The true story of a first kiss.
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A true story...

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The wait was agonising.  With every minute that passed, my emotional tension went up another notch, every second an endless hour.  I couldn’t pace, I couldn’t talk, I just sat and waited.  And waited. 

I wanted to hold her hand.  I wanted to put my arms around her.  I wanted to press my lips to her silky skin.  I desperately wanted that emotional connection with her. 


I hoped, with every fibre of my soul, that it would be today.  Today we would take that next step in our relationship.

Finally, she entered the room.  She was dressed in a pastel pink colour that highlighted the blush in her cheeks.  I thought she looked adorable.  She fluttered her eyelashes at me, and I melted at the sight of her baby-blue eyes.  I reached out one finger, and gently stroked her cheek.  I gathered her in my arms and whispered soothing words.  She watched me, a look of complete trust on her face.  I slowly leaned forward and pressed my lips to her forehead.  Her skin was unbelievably soft, like nothing else I could imagine.  She smelled sweet and innocent and warm and familiar.  My heart pounded, and I felt a tear slowly trickle down my face. 

“I love you,” I murmured, as I took her hand in mine.  I pulled her closer to my body and couldn’t resist pressing my lips to her forehead once more.  I could barely think with all the emotions running through me.

I looked up and saw Steve standing a few feet away, watching.  He smiled at me, and I smiled tearfully back.  Our baby girl was gorgeous.  It seemed like forever since the doctors had rushed her away from the operating table, five long hours, and I hadn’t even had the chance to hold her.  Steve had been giving me regular updates from the nursery, but after the caesarean operation I was forbidden to move from my hospital bed, and I had desperately longed to meet my new baby girl.  Finally, she was out of danger.  Finally, finally she was in my arms.  Finally I could look on her sweet face and innocent blue eyes, marvel at every finger and toe.  Finally, I could touch my lips to her forehead in the first kiss from mother to daughter. 

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