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by Man S
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16th December-My Choked Voice

16th December-My choked voice

O Justice! For where have thou fled?
This atrocious air suffocateth every windpipe
Choking into muffled struggling voice!
Is not it common practice of divine to cry havoc!
Is it not wont for heavenly power to burn!
O! for damnation to the beastly rapists!

My heart wrung to reach to the heart of the beasts
Fie! Dictators of law shameth as they land heavy on my scant valor
For such heinous act never retold as this
A damsel deflowered under the weight of six cruelties
Thou carrion worms! Thou slimy creatures of gutter!
O! for hands to shoot these beastly rapists!

The capital gapeth awfully at its turn of fate
The victim bringeth a shine on its lost glory
As she fights to live, to defy, to damn, to derogate us!
Whereupon hath the man and manliness dared to stand tall?
Let it fall! Let it fall! For with the fall of six, humanity saw the highest fall!
O! for striking of lighting to burn these rapists!
Man S.
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