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Poem inspired by a poem. I owed it to the Ode.
I sat, and read your crafted word,
and pondered how I was allured
to climb out of my slimy pit,
depressed mood; convinced. Quit!

Title & Blurb:
Was grabbed by fitting title, blurb;

Narrative Hook:
an autumn painting, leafy 'burb
drew me in like carrot nosed
snowman - winter's will imposed.

But mist, of Myst, in fine detail
inclined mine ear, as tooth and nail,
she cut my fears like enemies,
those vanquished foe became the keys

Ode's message:
of optimism, rising sun
the fall of fall that has begun,
it lifts, this poetry, the fallen.
Rebellion's tool in whispered call and

Scenery / setting:
nature's gifts in declaration
pushing any hesitation
turning head to now behold
the future changed, progression SOLD!

Linking / Flow:
Stanza's rhyming scheme has fostered
dancing trail of leaves accosted,
by the next words flowing past,
passed left, right, one first, then last.

Story Strengths:
Myst has offered, poured o'er flowing
flutes, of loving kindness going
with her gentle words, shared pleasant
fruit; labours effervescent

of flavours palate none detect,
a month of Sundays, fault reflect.
The curse of blackness, darkness twisted
clamour, aggression - the two fisted

Punctuation, Spelling & Grammar:
disagreement taken
the idiotic, stubborn - shaken.
Yonder place where poets write,
where change is wrought with anvil's bite

Her pen the hammer, thoughts descending
phrase and sentence all depending
on the reader's comprehension
Mystic's vocabulary, their attention.

Relax your mind to slide off edge
of silence. Hurdling the hedge
protecting all those ebony dogs,
the snarling, sinking, quicksand bogs,

depression killed by firing squad
By Lady of the Myst 's poetic jihad
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