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by Jezri
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Andy's wife has decided to try something new.
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Trying Something New

Andy slammed on the brakes, letting loose a long string of curse words. Flashing his finger, he pulled ahead of the woman, grumbling something about fucking women drivers. And not just women drivers, but all women, like his wife, who had informed him by text message that she was leaving him for her hairdresser. He thought she’d been spending a lot more on hair-cuts lately, but since her hairdresser was a woman, he’d never suspected his wife of being anything more than the gold digging bitch that she was.

The woman that had nearly ran him off the road smiled and returned the finger. A few seconds later, headlights flashed behind him and the crazy woman picked up speed, slamming into his rear. Andy gripped the steering wheel, trying to maintain control. Had the bitch lost her mind? She slammed into him again, this time from the side. The woman kept moving forward, guiding Andy to the edge of the road, which dropped off into a shallow ravine. Andy tried to open the door so he could jump out, but it was locked and in his panic he couldn’t remember how to unlock it. Then he was over the edge and rolling down the slope.

Bright lights pierced the night. Andy fumbled with his seatbelt, trying to remember what happened. He smelled gas. Desperate he pulled at the belt, finally managing to release the catch. He was on his side. Above him the passenger door opened and hands reached in. Grateful, he took hold.

“I was worried for a minute there that I wouldn’t get to you on time?”

“What do you mean? What happened?” Andy struggled to keep up with the woman that was half carrying, half dragging him back up the ravine. Then behind him he heard an explosion and felt the heat from flames at his back.

“Wouldn’t do any good to have you burn up,” the woman said.

Andy’s memory was returning slowly. He tried to push the woman away from him, but she held tight, so he resorted to what he was used to, intimidation through words.

“You fucking, cunt! You ran into me.”

“Gee, you don’t miss a thing, do you?”

“I’m going to sue you for everything you have.”

She laughed, but didn’t say anything else. They had reached the road again. She helped him move to the back of her car and then let go. Andy’s knees slumped and he hit the ground. The searing pain he felt, indicated his legs were broken. Still he tried to stand, if only so he could punch the bitch in her mouth. When that failed, he scrabbled at her legs so he could bring her down to his level. She kicked him in the face, knocking a tooth out.

“Son of a bitch,” he screamed. He heard the trunk open and then she bent down, looking into his face.

“You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Through blurred eyes, he studied her face. She did seem familiar, but he couldn’t place her, outside of the situation they were in now. Then she took off her scarf. He’d know that red hair anywhere. She was the hoeing cunt his wife had left him for. “Fucking dyke bitch.”

She smiled. “So you do know who I am.” Then she hit him over the head with something and everything went black.

Andy felt around, trying to figure out where he was. After a moment he determined he was in the trunk of a car. The bitch. He wondered how long he had been out. The road was smooth, so they must be on a main road. He reached for where he thought the rear lights should be. If he could push them out… except her car was newer looking, the lights didn’t work that way. Still, maybe there was a lever on the inside. He’d read that some of the newer cars came with escape switches. The car turned and the road became bumpy. Andy bit his tongue when his head jarred off the lid of the trunk and pain shot through his legs. He tried to lay as still as he could, to minimize any damage. When they got to wherever she was taking him, he needed to be able to fight.

After about twenty minutes the car slowed down and shut off. Finally. Realizing he was gritting his teeth, Andy relaxed and waited. He could hear her footsteps approaching from the driver’s side and then from the other side, someone else.

“Did you get him?”

He couldn’t believe his ears. Christine? The trunk popped open and he prepared to throw his fist into whoever was standing there. He hoped it was his wife, she had it coming. Then he would take care of her lover. Before he could react, a bright light was shinned into his eyes. He swung blindly and was rewarded by the feel of his fist connecting with flesh. Then someone grabbed his hand and bent fingers backwards. Andy screamed as first one and then another broke, the sound of the of bone cracking, reverberating loudly in the small confines of the trunk. Then the light cleared and he saw the bitch Christine had left him for. Her nose was bloody. Good.

“Get him out of there.”

Christine reached in and grabbed him by the top of his head. She pulled him out. His legs shot through with pain but he didn’t scream, he wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. She dragged him into the house.

“I don’t know what you are planning, but whatever it is, you had better pray I don’t survive, because I will destroy you in court.”

“Don’t worry, Andy,” Christine said, looking into his face, “you won’t. Katherine isn’t the only new thing I have a taste for.” Next to him he noticed a large, industrial sized meat grinder. “Now let’s see…” she continued, “to make this work, I’m going to need you in smaller pieces.”

Word Count: 998
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